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Jun 20, 2008 11:00 AM

Acadiana - Any recent visits?

I know that a thread on Acadiana and Beck was posted recently, but I just want to know about Acadiana. I have reservations for this place for the weekend and just wanted to know if anyone has been by that place more recently. Also, I'm having a mean craving for some barbecued shrimp like they serve at Mr. B's in New Orleans. Is Acadiana's version as good as Mr. B's or should I just go with the veal? In a perfect world I would just order both, but alas, my heart probably couldn't take the beating.

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  1. have not had the veal (someone did, don't think it was memorable), but applaud the barbecued shrimp at Acadiana, and am a fan of Mr. B's in New Orleans.