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Jun 20, 2008 10:55 AM

Anybody been to New Chinese Garden -- Chinese-Guyanese restaurant

Sounds interesting, but was wondering if you anybody has tried it. I am rarely in Richmond Hill, and don't want to make the trip if it's not worth it.

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  1. wow i doubt ill ever go, but that is a very interesting combo

    looks like their is a very small chinese minority in guyana:
    "The largest nationality sub-group is that of the descendants of India, also known as East Indians (Indo-Guyanese), comprising 43.5 percent of the population in 2002. They are followed by people of African heritage (Afro-Guyanese) (30.2 percent). The third in number are those of mixed heritage (16.7 percent), while the Aboriginal Indians are fourth with 9.2 percent. The smallest groups are European, including Portuguese, (0.06 percent or 476 persons) and the Chinese (0.19 percent or 1395). A small group (0.01 percent or 112 persons) did not identify their race/ethnic background."

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    1. re: Lau

      They say where there is fire there is a Chinese restaurant. That area is a Guayanese hood. I'd rather go for authentic Guayanese food there. Here are other Guyanese based offereings.

      The Nest
      125-17 101st Ave., Richmond Hill
      Subway: A to Lefferts Blvd.,
      Nice ambience, but a long walk from the subway.

      Sybil's Bakery
      132-17 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill
      Subway: A to Lefferts Blvd.
      The oldest Guyanese restaurant in the area. Owner Sybil Kerrutt
      passed away, but her restaurant lives on.

      Kaieteur Restauant and Sports Bar
      87-12 Lefferts Blvd., Richmond Hill
      Subway: J or Z to 121st Street.,
      Named for a waterfall in Guyana.
      Serves Chinese and West Indian dishes.

      Singh's Roti Shop #3
      118-06 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill
      Subway: A to Lefferts Blvd.
      The Indo-Caribbean take on Guyanese food. It offers mainly
      wraps served in (what else?) rotis, the Indian grilled,
      unleavened flatbread. They come with a variety of spicy
      fillings, and a vegetable and starch on the side. Similar to
      Indian snack food, but with a detectable Carribean accent.

      There is also a Indonesian/South American place that is on my hit list called. Hopefully I'll make it out there soon. Its also hard to find good Indonesian food. I've been to all the places in Queens so far except this one.
      Warung Kario
      128-12 Liberty Ave. (128-129th Sts.), Richmond Hill, Queens
      Q10 from Kew Gardens goes there.
      There is an express bus from Manhattan that stops near there too.

      1. re: designerboy01

        ive always wanted to try good guyanese food, it looks delicious, ive seen it on tv before and it always looks great

    2. I got some takeout from there a month or two ago. It wasn't bad, though had a little extra grease factor.

      I got shrimp fried rice and a pork dish.

      Definitely not haute cuisine nor worth a special trip but if you're in the hood and want a spicy kinda cantonese kinda home style meal its not bad and light on the wallet as well.