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Beer + moderately priced grub next to the redline T?

I'm a visitor in Cambridge for the summer and might be going into town tonight with a couple of friends. We're looking for a place that has craft beer on tap and good square meals, or pub grub beyond sandwiches and pizza for less than $20/plate. We're priced out of the ABF so it doesn't really matter where we go as long as its convenient to the red line T. Silvertone and Goodlife look OK, Kingston Station a little spendy - any other suggestions?


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  1. Silvertone's is great, but often mobbed on a Friday night. You might enjoy CF Donovans in Savin Hill. It's on the redline and literally across the street, when you leave the station. Large menu ranging from burgers to seafood, steaks and pizza. They have a website although not a very good one cfdonovansrestaurant.com The bar is generally lively and it's a good place to hang out and have a few. Kingston Station is very popular with the young after work crowd. The food is good and if you don't mind it noisy, you may have fun.

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      They've updated their dinner menu (6/13) on the website.

    2. Don't know why you would limit yourself to the red line but most beer bars including The Publik House will be less than $20 a plate. If your including beer that would be tough as it seem the typical craft brew is in the $5+ range now.

      Redbones in Davis Sq,Somerville for BBQ
      The Kinsales in downtown boston
      Cambridge Brewing Company

      As I said Red Line is quite limited, a change at Park to the green line would open a good deal more of possibilities

      Beer Advocate ratings for Boston
      Google Beer Map of Boston
      Mbta trip planner

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        Publick House is a real hike from Park St

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          Park St is the intersection of the green line off of the red line.

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            I've lived exclusively off of the MBTA for the last 10 years, I'm aware. It is a long trip to the Publick House on the green line from Park St

      2. I'm probably going to kick myself, but what's ABF?

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          American Beer Festival, run by Beer Advocate. Somehow they've managed to market it from being a relatively small thing into something that everyone I bump into knows about.

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            Twice as many brewers/beers and a bigger venue than their Cyclorama fests, hence the need to market and sell more tickets.

        2. Shay's in Harvard Square had good food, I like John Harvard's in HS less but they make their own beers.

          Charlies Kitchen in HS has good beers and you could get the Twin Lobster rolls w/fries for $10.

          Miracles of Science is a few blocks down Mass Ave from Central Square, has vgood burgers and satays, and a "science" atmosphere that I like.

          Jacob Wirth's by Chinatown is over 100 years old and has great German beers, the food gets mixed reviews.

          The Burren in Davis Square has good Irish beers and good food.

          Further from the Red line I'd also recommend the Publick House in Brookline, Bukowski's (either at Inman Square or in Back Bay), and the Other Side in Back Bay. Sunset Grill in Alston has a great beer selection but I'm less fond of the food there.

          1. A couple more suggestions I haven't seen yet:

            Christopher's in Porter Square -- good beers, typical pub grub food
            Cambridge Common on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter -- similar to Christopher's, but a bit more of a focus on beer. Beers are surprisingly cheap, too (about $4 for a craft pint)

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              I would agree that Cambridge common has stepped up their beer program lately and are now offerring just as interesting and many times, more interesting selections than Redbones (who seemed to have stepped down their beer program lately), but they serve cheater pints that hold not much more than 12 ozs. of beer with a little head, so that $4 "pint" (not all selections there are priced that low ) would actually cost closer to $5 for 16 oz. pint glass. Still a little better than what Redbones is charging these days though.

              Surprisingly, The Publick House is probably the best place for deals on real pints of top quality US craft beer (non-belgian styles) at Boston beer bars lately.

            2. Thanks everyone...I suppose any line is fine, I'm just unfamiliar with transit times. We're trying to keep it within 20 min of Harvard Square and not get mobbed or stuck with burgers and pizza. Cheers!

              1. Priced out or just different priority? $40 is just a little higher than other fests that put more focus on flagship microbrews/imports/macrobrews that can just be found on any good store shelf. I can understand if you would rather spend your $40 on food, beer, tax, and tip at local bar/restaurant because you feel there is more value in that, but I don't understand how you are being "priced out" of this one.

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                  I quit going when the entrance fee kept going up but they were still charging for extra beer tickets and then just assumed that when the door fees *really* went up that it was still the same situation, recently learned that I was incorrect on that. Plus, I forget which Alstrom it was, but he was always super snotty when I'd ask on a different message board how many tickets your door fee came with and what the cost was for extras (this was in the first few BA festivals), kinda annoyed me.

                  The one that I've still always wanted to go to though, despite my pseudo-boycott, was the Extreme Beer as that was always my favorite in the first few years, but it keeps just not managing to happen due to schedule.

                  Their selections are top notch compared to other things in the area although I don't always like some of the snobbery that comes along with BA.

                2. Thanks everyone. I'm going to fold this thread in favor of my other one as I don't want to crowd the board and the premise (me, limited transit and funds, starving) is the same.