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Jun 20, 2008 10:24 AM

STAND (burger review)

Based entirely on the weight of Adam Kuban's re-review posted on A Hamburger Today on Thursday, I made my first visit today for lunch. Let me spoil this right up front my saying I loved everything about my experience today except the burger.

I arrived at about 12:15 PM and was warmly welcomed by two young women at the host stand. I told them I'd sit at the bar. There were only about 5 or 6 other people in the restaurant at this time. I again was warmly greeted at the bar by the young gut tending bar and placed my order - a la Kuban - a classic burger w/cheddar, small fries and a small root beer.

The physical space at Stand BTW is wonderful - modern, clean, cool and comfortable. It really an appealing minimalist design.

The burger, ordered medium rare arrived cooked perfectly medium. It was on a brioche bun just a tad smaller than the burger circumference - stacked on top of the burger were hopefully-not-killer tomatoes, raw onions and a unnecessarily high pile of shredded lettuce. Under the burger were crinkle-cut dills and a small squirt of their ketchup & mustard. Like Mr Kuban I did not like the red peppercorn sauce that was served on the side. I did, however, add a squirt of "Japanese mayonnaise" to the burger half way through. That condiment was a nice surprise - it's sweet and went well with everything else.

The burger was one of the most beautiful, well-charred, and juicy I have ever seen. The problem was not only was it cooked medium it was absolutely tasteless - I mean absolutely - no hint of salt, pepper, or, gawd-forbid, fat. If this was the 80/20 % lean to fat version, they need to return to the 70/30 version. This was the most tasteless burger I have ever eaten and makes me appreciate the Shake Burger even more, which is a salt lick compared to Stand's version.

The fries, on the other hand, were perfection, golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside. Some of the best I've had.

If the burger I had today is representative then they should rename Stand Bland.

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  1. You're absolutely right. It was a bland patty and I took full advantage of the sea salt.

    1. I have been hooked on their veggie burger. The quinoa they add is a VERY nice touch.

      Also agree that the fries are perfect.

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        I second their veggie burger. I used to like their regular burger a lot, but after having the veggie burger a few times I was smitten.

        The fries and shakes are super too.

      2. I ate there tonight - my house burger was delicious. I've suffered the dilemma of the medium rare burger arriving medium, so I thought I would wise up and order it rare - unfortunately rare really was rare, and just a little undercooked to my taste. Everyone at the table (including my mom, a retired chef) thought the beef was flavorful and delicious. I had avoided the onion rings after one disappointing order, but tonight they were salty, crisp, neatly vertically stacked, and very addictive. Unfortunately they've discontinued their 2-for-1 burgers in off hours, but I'll still be coming back.

        1. Agreed re the lean/fat blend. I like Stand but if would definitely prefer a fattier blend. If anyone from Stand is reading this, USE MORE FAT!

          1. I thoroughly agree. I tried Stand last week and really wanted to like the burger - but it really didn't have ANY flavor. The restaurant does have a nice feel, but Shake Shack beats their burgers any day of the week.....