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Thai in Montgomery County

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Can anyone comment on Nadia's Cafe (Lansdale) vs. Thai Orchid (Blue Bell) vs. Pho Thai Nam (Blue Bell)? My daughter is a vegetarian, so we would be looking for a decent vegetarian selection.

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  1. I have heard that Nadia Thai is great -I have never eaten there.
    I have eaten at Thai Orchid and thought it was mediocre.

    If you eat at Nadia- please let us know your thoughts.

    1. I had lunch at Thai Orchid today. I've never been disappointed and they do have a full vegetarian menu.

      1. We have eaten at Thai Orchid many times and have always had a wonderful meal.

        1. I have eaten at all three. I prefer Thai Orchid to Nadia's. The dumpling soup they have is tasty. Pho Thai Nam is good for Vietnamese in the area. Doesn't come close to Vietnam in Phila, but you don't have to take the train. I always have Pho, and there should be plenty of veggie options both places for your daughter. Let us know where you end up/what you think!

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            I completely agree with your points. We are pretty fortunate to have some decent Thai options in the burbs, though of course the best in the city. I would say the overall quality of the food is similar at all three. The menus at Nadia and Thai Orchid are similar... but Thai Orchid is the better in terms of atmosphere and service. Pho Thai Nam has the most varied menu because of the Vietnamese options, with fun drinks and desserts.

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              We went to Thai Orchid. The food was very good, plenty of veggie options. I would certainly go back!

            2. thai orchid = same as the one in berwyn? (with a notable menu selection, something along the lines of evil jungle princess?) if so, they're decent, and have been totally forgotten about by me. i should revisit!

              1. I think Thai Orchid is excellent. I especially love their Tom Yum, very hot and tart. They make a great red curry. The tulip dumplings are great. The crying tiger appetizer is very good, but you have to ask for it extra hot because they dont make it spicy despite what the menu says. Their Yum Woon Sen is my favorite. They are the same people as Berwyn.
                I think Pho Thai Nam is very mediocre and I was disappointed with their food. The Tom Yum had tomato and pineapple in it which is more of a Vietnamese type soup and not Tom Yum. Their Vietnamese food is mediocre. The vietnamese spring roll was not a vietnamese spring roll. It was a loosely wrapped small, greasy Chinese style spring roll, no incredibly crunchy skin, no clear noodles inside, and worst of all it tasted like fish sticks. The pad thai and curry dish we had there were not good. The only great thing there is the Vietnamese coffee.