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Jun 20, 2008 10:10 AM

Question about Grimaldi's

I finally made it to Grimaldi's last week - it was the one restaurant in the NY pizza pantheon that I hadn't been to, so I was very excited.

The individual components of the margarita pizza were generally good. Good sauce, pretty good cheese, nicely salted crust. The thing was, the crust was much closer to 'soggy' than to 'crunchy'.

My question: was our pie a fluke, or is that just what Grimaldi's pizza is?

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  1. I wondered that too but I now believe that is the way they make them. Definately not worth the hype today IMHO.

    1. NO! It should be thin and crispy, like Patsy Grimaldi intended it to be. These guys are just pumping through pies as fast as possible, so they often (not always) come out too thick, doughy, and undercooked. It can be disgusting, but on a good night it can be pretty good.

      Just go to Lucali's and save yourself the aggravation.

      1. It's almost always that bad. Has been for years. It's just a pizza factory on par with any corner pizzeria and the quality shows. TBH, I don't think Grimaldi's is top 10 in NY.

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          Sometimes I see Patsy Grimaldi around, and he's depressed about selling out. He was as good as Dom once (1990-95), IMO. I know that's quite a statement. Those who remember Patsy's from then will hopefully take the new generation with the proper dismissive attitude they deserve, but if you see Patsy be extra nice. The guy made a mistake.