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Jun 20, 2008 10:06 AM

business lunch for 20 - King/York?

Hi All,

I have to book a business lunch for 20 executives within a short walking distance of King and York Streets downtown. Budget is somewhere around $20-25 per person, less would be lovely.

Something that isn't too noisy would be super. Would prefer a resto that isn't overly 'ethnic' (too bad). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Beer bistro. Not sure how loud it is at lunch, though.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Beerbistro is pretty loud at lunch.

      You might want to try Six Steps on Colburne. I was there for a business lunch a couple months ago and the food was great. It's a big room, so they could accomodate a big group. You can do in and around $25 per person. You might want to check and see if they'd do a prix fixe for a big group like that.

      Bymark and Reds are good, but hard to do at $25/person.

      I can't think of much in that area that would be suitable for a group of executives in that range precisely. Some are in and around, depending on what people order (before alcohol).

      1. re: TorontoJo

        Beerbistro private back room might be an option. Not sure of the minimum charge for the room but if it's in budget, it's quiet.

      2. I was going to suggest Reds as well, but pescatarian beat me to it!
        Alright, for that budget, you might be stuck with The Keg @ York & Adelaide.
        Or perhaps Szechuan Szechuan upstairs in the First Canadian food court. It's Ethnic, but major selection at a very decent price.

          1. How many courses is the $20-25 budget meant to include?

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            1. re: torontofoodiegirl

              well, just a regular lunch I guess. whatever that is, a small app and a main, or just a main. I doubt there would be much alcohol, if at all - perhaps a beer or a glass of wine, though I would expect that would be extra.

            2. Vertical (formerly Tasting Rooms) in First Canadian Place might be an option as it has private rooms, etc.

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              1. re: paulydemerson

                It's pretty expensive (more than the OPs stated budget) and the food at Vertical is terrible (when there is taste to the food, it is of salt) especially compared to other places in the financial district in the same price range

                1. re: mac n cheeze

                  I've only eaten at Vertical twice - once at the bar and once in the dining room - and both times I thought it was really great. Their gnocchi was to die for. I was thinking of suggesting it, but I agree with mac n cheeze that it's too expensive if the $20-25 would have to include an app as well (it would only get you an entree at Vertical).

                  As somebody else mentioned, the York St. Keg might not be a bad option. Gourmet fare it isn't, but the food is quite decent. Also, it's a nice space and the price is probably about right.