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Jun 20, 2008 09:55 AM

Best Panaderia in OC?

I've been going to the Gigante market for their panaderia for the last few months and I'm happy with my purchases there. I really love a lot of their cakes (esp the pineapple upside down cake), the custard filled bun, the quesadillas. Not so much the bollilos though.

I was wondering what other recommendations you guys had. specificlaly I'm looking for a place that does those corn cakes (quesadillas?) that I love and also a good concha that is moist and not dry as dust. Also, I love anything with custard in it, and those little pineapple empanadas, and bread pudding. Oh and really good tres leches cake. Oh and also decent bollilos. Okay, okay basically everything. I want a big place, not a tiny little shop like Condes Cakes in Orange (which I'm not a huge fan of anyway). Thx in advance!

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  1. wow, no answers at all? okay, I guess I have to start doing my own dirty work,sigh.... Aside from one place in Anaheim I haven't heard much at all though.

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      I don't know the name, but I usually go the one on 19th Street in Costa Mesa. It is in the same center as my favorite Mexican market in Costa Mesa called El Metate.

      elmomonster did a review of a new panaderia in Tustin called Rollies. I went for the Bolivian Saltenas. They were pretty decent but not as good as the now closed Beba's in Santa Ana. The Mexican pastries looked delicious however.

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        I've tried a number of their pastries, and I thought they were just okay.

    2. Best tres leches cake in OC is still at Gigante in Anaheim. Large slice of completely moistened cake with a pudding filling, very little whipped cream frosting (I hate too much whipped cream). Creamy moist, and $2.29. About as close to Porto's version as I've had in OC. Also, their apple and pineapple turnovers are almost as flaky as Porto's. 50 cents each.

      Their cheesecake slice here is also really good, at least to my taste. It's fluffier and lighter than the normal slice and comes on a light cake base. I really liked it. 50 cents I think.

      I went to a panaderia on Main Street in Santa Ana that had the best coconut buns I've ever had. I've actually never even seen these elsewhere. I lost my phone so I don't have the name on me.

      The one place I haven'been to is La Espiga De Oro in Costa Mesa. Everyone keeps talking about this place. The pictures on yelp look great.

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        You can get Porto's apple and cherry and sometimes pineapple turnovers at Cafe Contigo in Anaheim, but you will be paying $2 or so for them. They also sometimes have slices of tres leches cake from Porto's.

      2. I can't help with an OC based panaderia, but it sounds like those 'corn cake" (quesadillas?) you are talking about are Pupusas.

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          No, you're talking about something completely diferent.

          They're called quesadillas and they're basically a rich, sweet cornbread, sometimes with sesame seeds on top. I'm not talking about the cheese-filled tortilla. A lot of places make a crumbly, dry cornbread, which I don't like. The Gigante panaderia in LA on Western actually makes one of my favorite quesadillas.

          Pupusas are basically filled and fried masa disks.

        2. Grande Bakery in Santa Ana is quite good. I was just there and had a concha, coconut bun, slice of roll cake, croissant. I also had a palmier (huge and v good). I also had a cookie which I didn't like but I generally don't like the dry texture of Mexican cookies I've had.

          The yeasted bread dough used in a lot of the goods (including the conchas) is pretty rich in comparison to other places, like a light brioche. They also have a tamale making operation. It's a large place. On their card, it says they've been open since 1979. Prices are around 60 to 80 cents per piece, or at least what I got was.

          This is the place that has the coconut bun, my bad, not on Main street. It's basically a concha but dipped in icing, with the edges rolled in coconut. Once I find my camera I'll start taking pics the good old days.

          Grande Bakery
          214 N Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA

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            conde cakes has to be the best tres leches cake. they have an excellent cake, my favorite is the pineapple coconut with meringue on top.... lots of others to choose from. I definitely recommend it.