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Jun 20, 2008 09:53 AM

Need recommendation for birthday dinner with several parameters in Vegas

I need to find somewhere to take my boyfriend for a birthday dinner in Vegas. However, there are several catches.

It has to be upscale/high-end
But it can't be "stuffy" or "frou frou" (whatever that means - I think that means nowhere old-fashioned like a traditional steakhouse or old school french, and nowhere where the atmosphere is at all uptight or too hyper-trendy/pretentious)
It can't be a steakhouse unless it's a non-traditional steakhouse and has a lot of great seafood/non-beef options
It can't be: Alize, Guy Savoy, Shibuya, Picasso (we've been to those), Nobu

So it's kind of tough b/c it needs to be nice and upscale, but apparently not too old-school fancy or too sleekly trendy. Any ideas/recommendations? Willing to go a little off-strip but would prefer to not go too far off-strip for convenience reasons.

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    1. re: JoeyH

      Loved L'Atelier. Stool seating (comfortable) around open bar. Fabulous food - great wine.

      1. re: rp1760

        Second on L'Atelier. I think that is a great recommendation rp.

    2. I'd also recommend Rosemary's. It's a little ways off the strip, but if you have a car - no problem!