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Jun 20, 2008 09:51 AM

Osteria Mozza

Coming in to LA next week and have reservations on Friday night. Was wondering for anyone whose been there if they could pass along recommendations of dishes. I've heard the apps and pasta are what's really good and to pass on entrees all together, but want to get the chowhound's opinions.

Thanks in advance...

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    1. Do not miss the burrata with bacon and the egg raviolo.

      1. Everyone I know has enjoyed the beef tagliata. Very good entree dish.

          1. re: la tache burger

            Egg Ravioli, Burrata with bacon, Grilled octopus, Penne - excellent food, great service, have fun

          2. The octopus is a perennial favorite. I also love the tripe and burrata with artichoke. I balance it out with the butter lettuce salad usually.

            I skip the entrees. If I'm doing dessert, my fave is the olive oil cake. It's what was recommended by one of the women working behind the Mozzarella bar (not Nancy), and she was right!

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              The quail is not to be missed! At least get one to share.