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Jun 20, 2008 09:45 AM

Home Cheese making experiences?


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  1. Okay - Computer glich. Here's my message!

    Has anyone had a good experience making cheese at home? I'm curious and would like to start with the basic mozzerella and work up from there. I'd love to hear what you make and any challenges that you overcame along the way.


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      Yes, I've made mozzarella at home several times. It wasn't too hard and was pretty tasty after the first time. The first time I made it it was too rubbery. Unfortunately it's been a little while since I've done it and I can't remember how I adjusted it to make it better. I can pull out the recipe I used if you need it, just let me know.

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        We didn't start with mozzarella but with Fromage Blanc.


        Soft cheese (including mozzarellas) are a good starting point to dive into the world of cheese making.

      2. Yes I have, it's fun, worthwhile and if you follow a few simple rules you can get pretty good results right out of the box, althoughII have to say that many people fail at mozzarella the first time, but it's a learning process. You can get started with equipment you probably already have in your kitchen. If you've made yogurt before, you already understand the cheese making process. It's a short hop from yogurt to cottage cheese, paneer, fromage blanc, queso fresco, (various names for the same type of fresh cheese) ricotta, mozzarella, and on from there.

        Here's a few of the better instructional cheesemaking websites to help you get started. Some of these links are for companies that sell cheesemaking suppplies, some of which you might need, but also have cheese formulas and instructions on their websites:

        Good mozzarella formula here, plus cheesemaking products you may need, check their recipe list:

        This link is my personal fav for instructional mozzarella making at home, lots of photos:

        For the chow threads, just check the bottom of this page. The link posted below is of particular interest as it discusses using lipase in fresh mozzarella, among other things. There are a few dedicated mozzarella making discussions, as well as more general cheesemaking posts. Have fun and please post your results.

        Troubleshooting discussion: