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Jun 20, 2008 09:42 AM

Margaritas with a water view?

I am hoping to find a great Margarita tonight or this weekend with some outdoor seating and a water view. Was hoping for the Boston area, but would explore beyond...killer guacamole would be a bonus but it's the drink I am thirsting for. Thanks!

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  1. I enjoy the water views from the lounge at Oceana in the Marriott on Long Wharf. Not sure what the status of the outside terrace is though. Last year it was closed. I never understood why they don't take advantage of this wonderful space. In any event, the lounge itself is a comfortable spot with nice water views. I haven't tried the margaritas but judging from the bar staff and drinks I've had in the past, I'm sure they would make it proper. Who knows maybe they opened up the terrace again. Anyone know?

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      I have noticed in several states that marvelous waterfronts (ocean and lakefront, though I'd say the Charles is also under utilized) are almost entirely under-developed by local restaurant/bar owners. Other than relatively higher costs this is a mystery to me... a waterfront location would be my first choice if I wanted to open a restaurant.

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        I was in the area last night and it didn't appear tthat the outside terrace was open.

        That outside terrace used to be an almost secret oasis....close but so far from the raucous Tia's

      2. You might want to try the Intercontential. One of the bars is Sushi-Teq. Tequila and sushi, which just sounds plain weird, but their tequila library is suppose to be excellent. I know there are water views from the outside patio, just don't know if they are serving outside.

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          Right! I remember hearing about it before the hotel officially opened. That is a great idea and they must have some fabulous views. Thanks!

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            Cafe Intrigue at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The drinks are great and the views are pure Boston.

        2. Margaritas restaurant (I know, it's a cheesy chain) in Waltham has great, big margaritas, and a gorgeous big patio on the Charles River. My SO and I love to go there in the summer evenings.