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Jun 20, 2008 09:13 AM

N.Y. trip

I'm sure this question has been asked a million times and I've done research on this site and Yelp, but wanted to hear more opinions.

My wife and I are coming in this weekend for a trip. She's never been her, I haven't been here since 2001. We live in L.A. so no need for Asian food, as we eat it about 5 times a week. Both of us are Japanese, so we don't need to eat Japanese. We have good Vietnamese, Korean,Thai and Mexican food out here. I was thinking:

Street vendor foods

We'll eat anything and anywhere. Our hotel is 47th and Broadway, but we are planning on going around to places like Chelsea, SOHO, Guggenheim, Grand Central, Empire State Bldg, the usual tourist stuff.

lunch budget is $10 - $15
dinner budget - maybe one dinner $50 per person, otherwise $20 - 30 is fine but budget options are cool too.

any advice is appreciated.

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  1. You should do RGR's LES tour (lower east side) - easy to look up

    I would also add patisserie claude to the list of places. I doubt you got a patisserie like this out in la...

    Pizza has many fans. The absolute best pizza I ever had was the squares at DiFara's in brooklyn, but it is a seriously painful experience in travel and waiting time to eat there now. Easier choices would be Patsys in harlem, Artichoke, Una pizza. All these places have their fans and detractors.

    As far as bagels go, Essa bagel, H&H, and Zabars all have fans and detractors as well. I like them all.

    I am not from NY (I used to be), but visit often so I put in my two cents and will now let the natives run wild with this.

    1. welcome to ny.

      for deli, katz's deli on houston is legendary and while LA types like their langer's, i prefer katz's hands down. get a pastrami on club bread with mustard and a dr brown's black cherry soda and you are in good shape.

      bagels...i dont go out of my way for bagels personally...then again, i grew up here in nyc. really, any place will satisfy you. i would recommend you try barney greengrass on the upper west side...a legendary place for lox and sturgeon and whatnot.

      pizza...the only pizza i go gaga for in manhattan are the squares at artichoke on 14th street. place is a few months old and has lines and awkward hours but you should be fine if you go from 3pm - 6pm. or after 10pm. otherwise, expect a 15-20 min wait.

      i cant recommend street vendors but i can recommend some inexpensive options that you may enjoy.

      'ino on bedford...cozy, small, crowded but excellent italian meats and cheeses. get the truffled egg toast, a cheese plate, and quattro panini...down the block, have dessert at the bar at blue ribbon bakery...only get the chocolate chip bread pudding.

      da andrea...great, inexpensive italian on hudson...nearly everything is great but you must have the paparadelle with sweet sausage ragu.

      near your hotel on 46th between 5th and 6th is margon...great cuban food and quite inexpensive for a casual meal.

      have a great time.

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        My favorite breakfast anywhere is nova eggs and onions at barney greengrass with 2 untoasted plain bagels - no butter or creamcheese, break off a piece of bagel, put egg on it and eat...

      2. Here is a link to RGR's tour. I highly recommend it. My teenage daughter tells her friends it is the Lower East Side Food Death March:

        Relatively close by is the Halal Cart on 6th ave and 53rd (or it could be 54th - look for the lines). Mix the Red and White sauces for a treat.

        You can also go the burger route, like the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien, or Carnegie John's, or Shake Shack.

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          La is strong on burgers btw...which is probably why the poster did not mention them.

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            Second those halal carts. My favorite is the Trini-Pak cart on 43rd off of sixth. She's there during weekday lunch hours. I find the chicken a lot more flavorful than the one on 53rd. But if you want the chicken and lamb, I would go to the 53rd one and the 43rd one only has chicken.

            About the 6th and 53rd cart, there's a huge freakin' line all the time and is only open at night. Midtownlunch did discover you could get the same food both during the day and at night without those crazy waits.