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Manhattan's Best Salad Bars

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  • jp62 Jun 20, 2008 08:55 AM
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Where do you go for a great salad bar? The Whole Foods in Columbus Circle seems to be pretty good.

Wher else would you go??

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  1. Maoz -- locations on 8th St., Union Sq., and maybe UWS. Not a traditional salad bar, but an Israeli style one. Get a salad box and fill it up!

    1. Garden of Eden on 14th

      1. City Bakery

        1. Dishes for sure on 54th and Park.

          1. Cafe Duke on W. 51st St. has a good hot foods salad bar (very fresh, whole fish, a nice selection of grilled veggies, fresh veggies that actually look fresh -- i.e. no wilted lettuce). If you measure 'best' by variety, though, I can't think of a takeout place in Manhattan that can beat WF in that dept.

            1. Fresco to Go, 52 between Madison and Park - limited but good quality and no one but servers are messing with it.