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Jun 20, 2008 08:53 AM

HELP: birthday dinner recs Inner Harbor Baltimore :)

We're going to Inner Harbor and staying overnight July 4th (his birthday) and would love to hear some recs on yummy MUST TRY places.

I remember eating at Inner Harbor once or twice and once went to a small crab/seafood place that was near Little Italy...

Saw some nice restaurants in the Little Italy area that definitely seemed very interesting, especially one big one that seemed pretty fancy with big windows near the street and served seafood too I think (the name escapes me now though)

Any recs though so I can book a place for dinner that evening and also see what other places are MUST TRY ones to scope out for lunch and other meals?

I remember seeing a new neighborhood that popped up last year too across the water from Inner Harbor, lots of boutique like shops and small cozy restaurants it seemed...

Am interested in anything seafood, italian or anything that is special and unique to the Inner Harbor area you think we should definitely be eating at :)

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  1. No one is going to give you recs in the Inner Harbor.

    But the new "neighborhood" you're talking about is called Harbor East and there are plenty of options over there. Cinghiale is a newish Italian place by the same owners as Charleston, which is also over there. Both are very good (depends how much you want to spend, Charleston is probably the most expensive restaurant in the city, but one of the best).

    Lots of other options over there too.

    For nearby breakfasts, you can head to Fells Point (Blue Moon or Jimmy's are my favorites) or Federal Hill (Spoons or Metropolitan are both good).

    Tons of options for lunches at local pubs. You can search the board.

    1. I think that the restaurant in Little Italy near the street with big windows is
      Della Notte. We've had good meals there and some mediocre meals too. Also, in Harbor East is Roy's whch is Asian fusion. They kind of decorate your table if they know it's your birthday (cute, not cheesy). And the food is very good, heavily seafood based. The chocolate souffle is to die for! They also have a courtesy shuttle which will pick you up and drive you back to your hotel.

      1. Avoid Inner Harbor for sure. Aldo in Little Italy is really awesome for a special occasion- ask to sit in the Atrium. The tournadoes steak & beef carpaccio are some of the best in the city. Also ask for the complimentary lemoncello at the end of your meal. It is homemade & to die for. Harbor East has some nice shops & restaurants. For fun at night, check out Fells Point. Max's on Broadway has a million different crazy beers, & waterfront hotel (a bar, not a hotel) has a really nice lounge on the 2nd floor for drinks.

        1. I always liked Pisces Restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel--top floor, great view. Had some nice meals there. Blue Sea Grill, on Water Street, is excedllent. Tabrizi's has excellent food and beautiful view of the Inner Harbor. The downside on the evening my hubby and I went was that the service was extremely slow. We dined there early (about 5:30) and the place was empty, so we were perplexed as to why the service was off. But, we intend to give it another try as the food was quite good. FoiGras

          1. Lived in Baltimore all my life. Stay away from the harbor.

            for dinner look into:
            Mezze, Pazo, Sabatino's or Chiapparelli's, Amicci's (more casual), Canton Dockside, Bay Cafe (more for atmosphere than food, but food isn't bad), Kali's Court (high end seafood), Bo Brooks

            Beer/pub food: Max's on Broadway, James Joyce