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Jun 20, 2008 08:41 AM

Place to get Kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil in Minneapolis?

I'm making Panang Curry tonight. I went to Shuang Hur yesterday on Eat Street, and they didn't have them. Do you think United Noodles would have them?

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  1. They may have them. I believe I've seen them in produce sections at the co-ops, so it might be worthwhile to call the Wedge. (Thai basil might not show up until it's in season.)

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      1. re: KTFoley

        Try calling Whole Foods in Uptown, I have gotten both things there but they don't always have them.

      2. I think I've seen them at United Noodle. Call and ask.

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        1. re: churchka

          I've purchased wild lime leaves at United Noodle and Shuang Hur, but that was 2 years ago. I bought lots of packages of lime leaves and brought them back to KC to freeze. They freeze very well.

        2. I have indeed bought both items at United Noodles before. I have a friend who, much to my incredulity, tells me that she was regularly bought these items at Cub, too.

          1. I asked my super knowledgeable neighbor about this.

            I guess Kaffir line leaves are very perishable. Shuang Hur carries them, but sometimes runs out of them between shipments. Her suggestion was to go back the next day or try one of the neighboring Asian markets.

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            1. re: churchka

              I've found mixed reliability as well in trying to track down the Kaffir Lime Leaves for cooking. I have found them most reliably at United Noodle. I think tha Double Dragon Foods off Rice and Roselawn has them infrequently. No, when I see them available, I buy a lot of them and throw them in the freezer, I generally have pretty good luck locating lemongrass and thai basic.

            2. Where in a store will they be located? Near the limes? The fresh herbs?

              Which of these locations is closest to me at Selby/Dale in Saint Paul?


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              1. re: LizzieB_MSP

                Youre just around the corner from Shuang Hur on University and western. even walkably so.

                1. re: LizzieB_MSP

                  Shuang Hur in St. Paul seems to have less produce selection than the Minneapolis outpost. Dragon Star/Double Dragon etc etc on Rice and Dale has an incredible produce so probably your best bet. I was there last week and they even had fresh mangosteen which is impressive since it is going for $40 a pound in NYC.

                  1. re: misterpatrick

                    No doubt about the two Shuang Hur locations, though i wouldnt say the st paul locations selection is lacking, just less expansive than the eat street store.

                    Never made it up to Dragon Star, but it looks like that should be on my itinerary one of these days . . .

                    1. re: misterpatrick

                      Thank you for the information! I will make my first visit within the next week.

                      1. re: misterpatrick

                        mangosteen huh, and how much was it going for there?

                        1. re: getgot211

                          I think it was about $4.50 for 4. They also have had dragon fruit, durian, jackfruit, lychee, longan and other fun stuff. I noticed big fresh jackfruit a couple weeks ago. If you haven't had this, it's fairly pungent, not quite as bad as durian, but very tasty. The inside is filled with little sections that taste like mango and banana. The fruit is really sticky. The first time I had some was in Vietnam and I had no idea what I was buying - it just looked interesting so I bought a bag of the fruit from a street vendor and then asked random people what it was that I was enjoying.

                          In any case, they have great stuff at Dragon Star and also make a mean papaya salad at the deli counter. The sea food is great and they will prepare fish and things for you. The often have fresh frogs, geoducks and other rarities.