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Jun 20, 2008 08:37 AM

St. Simons weekend

I am going to be on St. Simons for three days June 27-29. Is Delaneys still a top place to eat? Any other suggestions for seafood or traditional southern food (i.e meat and three?) thanks!

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  1. HI Karen, if you search for St. Simon's on the South Board, there are some good, fairly recent threads on the Island.

    1. If you are looking for fine dining Delaney's is tops on the island, In Brunswick, Chrisities is a close 2nd. Halyards & Cargo are jsut behind. If You like Sushi Sabo the Sushi chef at Pearl in Brunswick is great. Do not order from the menu, just leave to Sabo you will not be dssapointed.

      1. Georgia Sea Grill. I have family that lives in SSI and we have been going there the last couple of years. They have great seafood and I have never, ever had a bad meal there. Save room for Bananas Foster though.

        1. My husband and I were there last April/Sept and had a great time.
          Try the Monstah Lobstah (awesome Lobstah Bisque )
          533 Ocean Blvd.
          St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522
          Phone: 912-634-7343

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            You must have been here in a short window of time. Monstah Lobstah was only open around 3 months.

            1. re: beteez

              too bad :(
              they really were very nice people and had the best ever lobstah bisque!