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Jun 20, 2008 08:16 AM

Italian or steak on the North Fork

First time on Long Island and wanted to know if there is any good Italian/Meat restaurants on the North Fork. I have been told that Jebediah Hawkins, and The Jamesport Inn are both nice but they have a lot of seafood and one of the people we are going with doesn't eat any seafood at all.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. i liked jedeiahs but i'm not a meat eater.north fork table is supposed to be great but i haven't been there myself.

    1. I've never been to any of then, but Cliff's Elbow Room in Jamesport, Cliff's Rendevous in Riverhead,and the Elbow East in Southold have been serving steaks on the North Fork since 1952. Many of the long-time residents swear by these restaurants

      You'll find an eclectic mix of well-prepared food (using local ingredients) and casual atmosphere at the Jamesport Country Kitchen.

      There are a handful of Italian restaurants on the NoFo, but I've never been. Touch of Venice in Mattituck has a seafood-oriented menu.

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        We went to Cliff's elbow room once, and once was more than enough. The "famous" marinated steaks were inedibly salty -- and I love salt! Even seafood restaurants should have other choices for your friends.

      2. Are you looking for casual or more upscale, red sauce italian american or more traditional? The places you mentioned are slightly upscale, North Fork Table probably a little more so.
        You can get good basic Italian/Italian American at Lenny's in Jamesport, Michelangelo in Mattituck, or I like La Capricciosa in Greenport. These places all serve pizza but have separate dining areas for full menu. You can get steak most anywheres, Elbow Room/Rendezvous and Diggers in Riverhead. Diggers has a varied pub style menu with steaks.

        1. There are a few new places on the North Fork that are fancy and somewhat pretentious, trying to copy the south fork. If you want a half way decent steak and a choice of other non-fancy foods, you may want to thry the J&R Steakhouse in Calverton, just west of Riverhead. Prices are great. The steaks are well cooked and tasty, but are not the highest grade of beef. It is a fun place, with a good bar. The link below has a coupon and a directory to a page where you can see the menu.


          You can also check out the Jamesport Manor (slightly pretentious) or Jamesport Country Kitchen, or the for the largest selection, the Cooperage Inn in Baiting Hollow.

          For real good Italian food, head west.


          1. antares cafe in greenport a varied selection