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Jun 20, 2008 08:12 AM

Tasting menu paired with wine on Long Island?

I'm trying to set up a Bachelorette party dinner for my sister very soon (the place we had booked--Sapa in Chelsea- just called to say they are closing that day!).

I was looking to do something like a multi-course tasting menu with wine paired with each course..or some variation on that, hopefully around Huntington/Syosset. It's only going to be 8 people so we won't need a room or anything, but a chef's table might be nice.

Any suggestions? Help!

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  1. coolfish might offer that.they are in syosset.might be worth a call.

    1. My wife did hers at Honu in Huntington. I think the place is all hype and more of a scene - but she likes it and they do small plates. They sat at a table upstairs.

      1. I'll bet 18 Bay in Bayville would do something terrific. Lovely little restaurant with great food and very knowledgable wine service. The restaurant is so small, you would feel very special.
        Closer to you, how about Cafe Diane in Woodbury?

        1. We've had Panama Hattie's tasting menu with wine a number of times. I highly recommend this restaurant. We tend to go there for special occasions. Food is exceptional and the waitstaff knowledgable. They are also more flexible with making changes for you with their tasting menu's than other restaurants. They are located in Huntington too.