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Jun 20, 2008 08:10 AM

Hollywood recommendations

Chicago hound will be staying at Westin Diplomat for 4 Days next week and need great lunch and dinner recommendations. I prefer seafood, italian, or cuban spots, because I have all the steak houses I need in the windy city. I will not have a rental car, so looking for cab rides no longer than 10-15 minutes. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Sorry for the lack of responses, but there really isn't a lot of food "right around" the Diplomat but beach bars. Here are some ideas for you, but most are a bit farther than you wanted to go by cab:

    La Carreta Restaurant
    301 N University Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

    Anthony's Runway 84
    330 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

    La Barraca
    Hollywood, FL, Hollywood, FL

    1. Sadly, because I live in the neighborhood, there's not too much worth raving about nearby. In Hallandale there's Sage for bagels/deli. Not too far away in Sunny Isles is Bisseleh Cafe for Israeli and Timo, which I haven't been to for a while, but everyone seems to like. Also close by in Aventura you have Chef Allen and Bagel Cove and a host of other places mentioned farily frequently on this board. I haven't been for ages, but a lot of people like Padrino's in Hallandale for Cuban. We really like Pancho's in Hollywood for Cuban/Mexican (very good ceviche). La Barraca in Downtown Hollywood has good Spanish and Fulvio also downtown gets good reviews for Italian. The wine bar on Harrison St. in downtown Hollywood is very nice and we also like A La Turca for Middle Eastern (on Hollywood Blvd.) There are a few places that I usually recommend on the Intracoastal and the Broadwalk, but the weather is way too hot for outdoor dining. Have a good visit!

      1. We like Mama Mia's in Hollywood( young circle). Conca doro is a fav of my family, but I prefer Mama Mia. Las Vegas Cuban cuisine is great(it might be too far, its on state rd 7). There is another cuban place on Hallandale Beach Blvd that has a lunch buffett. The sage has awesome bagels. I brought a dozen back with me when I left last week( visiting family). Skip all Chinese food, it sucks in S. Fl. People have raved about Pizza Rustica, but I wasnt that impressed. Carini's on US 1 is a lot better.

        1. try these Tatiana, upscale Vegas style shows, they buy quality seafood. I know.

          Sugar Reef, Very Florida, quality seafood

          Giorgois Grill, Upscale Italian lots of excellent seafood

          Aizia, Upscale, Walking distance(it s in the W/D hotel) Excellent seafood

          1. Definitely get to Fulvio's for dinner. It's pricey, but excellent quality. Sugar Reef, mentioned here already, is also very good for seafood. And, for complete hole in the wall breakfast / lunch, head to Nick's on Hallandale and Dixie.....there's nowhere like Nick's. Two good, but very casual, sushi are Nakorn and Eddie Hill. There you have it! All my favs in Hollyweird!