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Jun 20, 2008 07:23 AM

duckfat fries

I LOVE the duckfat fries at Duckfat in Portland, ME

Hoping to find some closer to home though...

Any leads?

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  1. (If I recall correctly) Grill 23 had them as an accompaniment with their Ribeye Steak recently.

    Oh, and Dante in Cambridge serves them with their Gnocchi dish.

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    1. re: beeker77

      I had this the last time I was there. The fries were tasty, but it was only about two or three of them, and their shape was a strange cross between tater tots and french fries (about an inch long, a pretty chubby half-inch wide, maybe 1/8" thick). Not very crispy, as is my usual desire as well.

      But I wanted to give a warning that if duckfat fries is your goal for going, I would lower your expectations (maybe they can do a fry-only side dish or something though).

      1. re: skokefoe

        There is NO comparisn to the ones at Duckfat Restaurant in Portland ME

    2. I think Shay's in harvard sq has them.

        1. tell me more about these duck fat fries...

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          1. re: bigbelly72

            well, they're skinny fries fried in duck fat- very crispy and very delicious.... i'm so bummed that there don't seem to be any places in boston where i could get a beer and a plate of these....