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Jun 20, 2008 07:04 AM

Sex and The City

Our book group is going to see Sex and the City next week. I was thinking of having the 12 members ( women) come back to my home after the movie. I would like to serve drinks and snacks that would continue the theme of the movie. Having not seen either the movie or the TV series, I am at a loss. The movie starts at 6:55pm. I would imagine it is about a 2 hour show, thus I would be hosting this event about 9:15pm. I would love to hear suggestions for a centerpiece and also the food and drink. I would want it a bit light as most will have had dinner prior to the show. And, is the movie worth seeing? Many thanks.

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  1. The movie actually clocks in at 2.5 hours, so with previews and ads it is a long show.
    Hmmmm... not a lot of food ideas coming to mind. Part of the movie takes place in Mexico. I think they eat Chinese take-out out of the cute boxes in one scene (we don't have those boxes here in Toronto so I always associate them with NYC), but I could be confusing it with an episode of the show. As for drinks, Cosmos are the obvious choice.

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      Definitely cosmopolitans. Samantha eats guacamole in a very sexy scene but I can't remember any other food per se except she makes sushi in another scene. (That doesn't give anything away). Enjoy, it was fun!!!

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        Sushi is a great idea (still not giving anything away ;)

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        Cupcakes ... from the tv series

        Since you don't seem to be from NYC, here's a link to Magnolia Bakery for inspiration ... if you are really flush, you could ask if Magnolia will mail you some

        You could serve those cupcakes with ... uh ... Starbucks coffee ... the favored coffee of the series. Probably decaf at that hour. Maybe you could get Starbucks to sell you some paper cups ... seriously you don't want me planning a party .. I once co-ordinated my mom's birthday outfit with the party decorations.

        An alternate dessert would be Tasti D-lite if they are in your area ... or something like pinkleberries or the zillion other frozen yogurt shops

        Other foods on the show
        - NY style pizza
        - NY hot dogs

        In addition to lots of Chinese food mentioned, there was an episode when Samatha went after a cute waiter at a raw restaurant ... so some raw foods?

        Even better ... hire a cute waiter to serve everything.

      3. The things that instantly popped in my head have been mentioned! For sure cosmos, guacomole and sushi!
        Also, there is a mexican segmant with margaritas and Charlottes affection for chocolate pudding!

        1. I agree w/ everything mentioned so far, especially the cosmos, guac and sushi. You could also do a breakfast/brunch inspired appetizer to celebrate the girls weekly brunch. As for the centerpiece, think pink or shoes.

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