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Jun 20, 2008 07:02 AM

Milwaukee: The King and I Thai??

I've gotten great recommendations for my stay in Milwaukee, but no one has mentioned The King and I (I ran across it in a search). Has anyone been there? I'm a huge Thai food fan and unless someone tells me this is terrible or only so-so, I'm tempted to try it. I'm here until Tuesday so I have a few evenings to eat out...

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  1. Hi,

    I haven't eaten there. Here's an old review by the former dining critic for the Journal Sentinel, for what it's worth.

    or rather a review of one of their other locations..... They've been there forever, so they can't be horrible, can they? Let us know. Obviously, no hound has reviewed in ages.

    1. I've never been to that restaurant, but I have a general rule that any Thai restaurant named "The King and I" isn't going to be good. No self-respecting Thai person would name a restaurant that. So far, I've only tested my theory once (in Edmonton), and it held true.

      But no harm in trying.

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        I can tell you this statement is generally true in MPLS, though the King & I here does have a great lounge.

      2. I'm fairly fond of the King & I. There are better Thai places in Chicago, certainly. But I found the food to be the best Thai I've had in Wisconsin on a swing through the state last October. They also will really make it Thai-hot for you, if you're into that.

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        1. re: itsbubbles

          Thanks, all. I didn't get there but hope to eat some Thai food somewhere soon!