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Jun 20, 2008 06:39 AM

MGM GRAND-anyone been ?

What's the scoop on Craftsteak and the Michael Schlow restaurant at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods? Anyone been yet? So far I haven't found a single restaurant at any of the CT casinos worth going back to.

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  1. Just as a disclaimer, I haven't been to Craftsteak, but have been to MGM...

    I HATE Foxwoods, but went for a friend's graduation party (she wanted to drink and gamble) which happened to be the opening of MGM. Not worth the hype. Even the celebrities (who I'm sure they hired) looked bored and unimpressed.

    Still haven't been to the restaurant because that night left such a bad taste in my mouth. Even if the restaurant was transcendent or life changing, it would take a lot to get me to go back to MGM.

    1. Sorry no Craft experience- but the NY Deli w/ the famous cheese cake was good- night club was great!

      1. I was lucky and was invited to the private grand opening. It featured a :"dine around" where everyone could go into any of the restaurants at their leisure and sample many of the dishes that would be served when it would be open for business. Everything was very good. We were also at the grand opening concert. It didn't look like there was a bad seat in the house. I haven't been back yet to try any of the regular menus, but the cheesecake and the deli did look like it was good. We didn't try anything from there. We had brunch at Paragon at the Pequot Tower that Sunday morning. It was really very good. The pastry basket was fresh and our entrees were delicious.

        1. Not sure what the attraction of MGM Grand is vs. Foxwoods. It's kind of small and noticeably more expensive. I was there for a preview for which all the food was free and pretty plentiful--good too, epecially the beef and sides at Craftsteak. But I've heard from someone who just came back from Craftsteak complaining about the $52 rack of lamb (smallish) and sky-high wine prices. And of course the potatoes, vegetables, etc. are all $8 to $10. So who's going to go to MGM ($300 a night for the basic guest room) when Foxwoods is right next door? Suckers, for the most part, it seems.

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            Not suckers, casino regulars. With "Wampum Points" (now known by a more PC moniker), those overpriced entrees and wines actually become more affordable. Reasonable, in fact.

            1. re: rbailin

              You make make a distinction between suckers and casino regulars, but I don't.

              1. re: coldduck

                lol! amen! do you go to the mall expecting a memorable meal? it is what it is, and that's ALL that it is.

            2. re: coldduck

              I ate at Cedars a few months ago. I use to go occassionally, but hadn't been for about 2 years. I was surprised at how much they'd gone up, and for the first time, I didn't even have a very good meal. The rib eye steak, that I always get, was unusually greasy and was about 50 percent fat. I didn't even take what was left home.