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Jun 20, 2008 06:32 AM

Where to go?

I have a birthday/anniversary coming up, and am looking to try somewhere new. I would like to stay in the area. (Flemington, but willing to travel to new hope/stockton/lambertville/clinton/ etc. . .) I know there are a ton of great eats around here, but would like some suggestions for a special romantic evening. Price is not really an issue, and I do like many types of cuisine. The only thing I am not fond of is seafood, but I do love red meat. Any place relatively kid-free (mine will not be included- it's my night off. lol), with maybe a little walk around after a fabulous meal. Thanks in advance

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  1. A few years ago, we had a very nice meal and experience at Harvest Moon Inn in Ringoes. Have wanted to go back, but for some reason...

    1. Two names I see frequently for that area are the Red Rooster and Miel... Have been meaning to try them both...

      1. We had a very good dinner at 55 Main in Flemington. Progressive American menu kept interesting with a few twists.
        Nice dining room and friendly service. Here is a plan: have your significant other get you something nice from the outlets (birthday) then walk over to 55 Main for a nice dinner (Anniversary) :))
        Here is a link to 55 Main if you want to see the menu. Remember its BYOB.

        Enjoy wherever you decide to go.

        1. IMHO, not many restaurants meet all the criteria you have set, especially the one about walking around after your meal. And as for the romantic evening bit, this could depend a lot on whether you go during the week or on the weekend. A restaurant that offers a quiet, romantic evening on a Wednesday or Thursday night could be crowded and noisy on a Friday or Saturday.

          That being said, the Harvest Moon in Ringoes might be a good bet. However, if you go on a week night, you may feel pretty lonely in the dining room as most people seem to go for the tavern during the week.

          I can't think of a single restaurant in the Flemington/Clinton area that would qualify as romantic though many have outstanding food. I therefore suggest that you resign yourself to travelling to some of the other places you mention.

          The Sergeantsville Inn is often mentioned as one of the most romantic restaurants in the state but I think this holds only during the winter months when the fireplaces are going and the inn exudes a special type of warmth from days gone by. Nevertheless, it might fit the bill.

          I'd also suggest you consider La Bonne Auberge in New Hope or the Pluckemin Inn, near Bedminster (you did say price was not an issue!). Both restaurants have received very positive reviews from both professional reviewers and hounds like us.

          Here are the web sites for the last three restaurants;