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Jun 20, 2008 04:56 AM

Best Döner kebap in 75 or 93?

Any recommendations? I know it's not the be-all end-all of Turkish cuisine, but a good plate of Dönner or a German-style sandwich with veggies and yogurt sauce in a pide can be heaven when it's really good. I think back longingly to the expert assembly, spicing, roasting, and slicing that went into the kebaps at my favorite places in Munich and Berlin. I just can't find that here, although I'd love to.

So, any good recommendations for Dönner kebap places? Not these "grec" monstrosities with a side of fries that are just a stand-in for McDo, but something approaching the nirvana you find in Germany, with real vegetables, good bread, tasty meat, and carved off the kebap with a knife?

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  1. Short response is no. In general, every city or country has their good snacks, and you'll have to find the ones you like. I generally don't understand most questions about very affordable food because the lower end it is, the more subjective. In Paris, (and that is also responding to another thread nearby), eating good and cheap is either Asian or bakeries, or making your own food. There are many very good Asian places. There are many very good sandwiches in bakeries.

    1. I'd think Maghrebi places are where it's at in Paris et la banlieue. Un sandwich tunisien - lots of veg in that - a brik, many other things. I'm not too up to date on current developments.

      1. Following up to myself, I had a very nice plate of Dönner Kebap at Aspendos on rue de la roquette in the XIe. It was tasty, not too greasy, and served with cabbage salad, rice, wheat, pide, and yogurt sauce.

        Went back and had a charcoal-grilled eggplant and veal kebap that was excellent, the meat nicely spiced and the eggplant perfectly charred. My dining companion had forgettable grilled chicken and we split some solid if not amazing starters, along with a tasty red wine from Crete.

        There wouldn't be anything exceptional about this place if it were in Berlin, Munich or Cologne, but as others already noted, good inexpensive Turkish isn't very typical for Paris, so it's nice to know a place for when a Turkish-craving strikes that doesn't involve taking the TGV-est.

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          have you looked at any of the places on rue du faubourg st denis? i know there's a large turkish community there (and i'll be moving there in the fall, so i'd love to hear about any good places you find!)

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            None are very appealing. The kurdish place with 0 atmosphere and not-great looking Dönner Kebap has reasonably good charcoal-grilled meats, though.

            1. re: tmso

              After their demise, I have a new favorite: the kurdish restaurant Menekse on the Passage de la Main d'Or. Not a place to get dönner kebap, but great charcoal-grilled meats and smokey eggplant.

          2. The following advice is 6 years old, so keep that in mind..
            i used to live right by Republique, and really liked the sandwiches at this little place on Rue du Faubourg du Temple - just past the start of the canal, on your right as you head towards belleville. better bread, better meat than any other sandwich grec i had. that said, i kind of liked the sandwich grec (sans frites) so my tastes are obviously different than yours. but in general, it was a restaurant (lebanese maybe?) that had decent food all around, not just a place that sold sandwichs grecs and paninins/crepes/etc.

            1. Parisstanbul on Avenue de St Ouen, has pretty decent meat and EXCELLENT eggplant (roasted and mashed up with garlic), I also have a penchant for Moulin de Marmaris on Ave. de Clichy almost at the Porte.