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Jun 20, 2008 01:49 AM

BYO Red Bank/Long Branch/Nearby....

I realize this question has been asked ad nauseum, but I'm looking for a good BYO in the area and when I do a search many of the postings are from several years ago. It's my husband's birthday next week and we will be going out on a Wednesday. Presently we are addicted to Kanji in Tinton Falls so I would be looking for either Italian or New American. Haven't been to Joe and Maggies in Long Branch-but some of the newer reviews here were not favorable. Anyone try anything new lately?

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  1. What about Le Fandy in Fair Haven?

    so delish! French, but take a look at the menu!

    In Long Branch, I like Charlies. Not BYOB, but very good!

    I stay away from Italian in the area. Since there are really not any that are even worth mentioning. At one point I liked Anjelica's in Sea Bright. My last visit was very disappointing. BYOB, but here is the web:

    Have a great dinner and Happy B-day to your hubby!!!

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    1. re: Angelina

      Joe and Maggies closed a few years ago. The same owners have the Bay Ave Trattoria in Highland.

      I've been to Le Fandy twice and both times the food has been really good. But many chowhounds have reported bad experiences there. Try reading the old discussions. I suspect consistency is a problem.

      For a BYO with excellent food, and very reliable, try Drew's in Keyport. If you're on a budget ask about the mid-week twilight special. Get there early and have the same great food at a lower price.

      Also, Belford Bistro in Belford (Middletown near RT 35) is very good. Some chowhounds have reported that it's noisy. But a Wednesday may be OK.

      Drew's Bayshore Bistro
      58 Broad St, Keyport, NJ 07735

      Belford Bistro
      870 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718

      1. re: val ann c

        Val's recommendations are right on the money. I would also add Table in Little Silver to the mix. As far as Le Fandy, I am one of those hounds who had a negative experience and can not in good conscious recommend it for your birthday dinner.

    2. There are some tight recommendations so far and agree strongly with Angelica, not many top notch Italian in the area unfortunately. There are a few holes in the wall I like in Middlesex but in the area you've listed, I would add the food at Gaetano's in Red Bank.

      I was a bit disappointed last time there in the limited menu and horrid service folk but I will surely be back and hope it redeems itself because I really do think their food is a cut above most in the area.

      Enjoy yourself.

      1. I'll agree with Drew's Bayshore Bistro, outstanding. Also recommend Pirate's Cove in Belford, especially if it's nice out, you can eat on the deck outdoors on the bay.

        1. How 'bout the Bistro in Red Bank? Also when I use to live in that area I would go to Dino's - think it's in Long Branch.

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          1. re: eatinman

            eatinman - Although I haven't been in years, I seem to recall the food at Bistro to be mediocre at best (sushi and pizzas). As far as Dino's, I would stay far away. My one and only meal there last year was horrible.

            1. re: bgut1

              Agreed on mostly all counts.

              Just came back from Kanji (love it), also enjoy Drew's, Le Fandy, and Table. If Route 34 in Matawan is anywhere near your dining area, then add Cafe de Thai and Westlake Chinese. Also heard good things about Salsa Latina in the same area and we are going to try it this week.

              I had a mediocre experience at Belford Bistro and am staying far away from Dino's and the Bistro, although I love Red Bank in general.

          2. 2Senza in Red Bank has been quite good the several times I've been there. It's in a wing of the Galleria building on the west side of town. The chef has changed since the last time I was there. But on one visit I met some people who've been eating there almost every Saturday since the original chef, who returned to Italy several years ago, so they've apparently maintained continuity.

            Friends and I also like Bienvenue in Red Bank (Front St.). It's French...and I didn't think that I liked French...but I liked this cuisine...more country, traditional, provencal...In fact, because the region represented borders with Italy, there are some obvious crossover dishes on the menu.