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Jun 19, 2008 10:42 PM

Miami Beach Shabbat Meals

Hi all,

We will be in Miami beach for next weekend- any recommendations of better places to prepay for meals for Friday night/Shabbat?

Also, any general recommendations for places to eat? We will be staying near 41st and Collins. We were there about 2 years ago- my favorite was Tea for Two (best sushi EVER, can't get anything comparable here in Chicago) and I am sad Dougie's closed. We are more likely to go places that are a bit out of the way, if it's the type of food we can't get in Chicago (which is nearly everything because the food here is stinky).


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  1. I think Tower 41 might have a prepay restuarant

    1. Taste of China in Days Inn had prepaid Shabbos meals this past winter. The food was good as was the service. Sams Deli on 41 st st has good food. We love Cine Citta Cafe on Harding Ave and approx 94 St ,China Bistro in Aventura(exact address on and Tasti D Lite for lunches on Prairie off 41 st .Enjoy.

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        China Grill makes everything with way way too much garlic! Try the pita place in south beach on 6th ave, and Parisienne up in Bay Harbor for a croissant. And the best is Emunah in North Ft lauderdale. And enjoy Bissaleh in Sunny Isles Beach.

      2. I love a good Miami vacation! My husband and I are crazy for the fake bacon cheese burger at Sam's on 41st, its amazing! We often eat shabbos meals at the carriage house a.k.a. Kikar China, they are about the same price as Tower 41 and as Days Inn. I hate going to Tower 41 during crowded weekends because they will seat you at the same table with random people and I am not interested in making new friends while on vacation.
        If you are getting a rental car, there is an amazing place called "thai treat"
        2176 NE 123rd Street
        North Miami, FL 33181 305-892-1118
        its worth a trip.
        I've found this list to be really helpful.


        1. China Bistro in Aventura is the BEST!!

          1. Hi all, we are back from our trip and really enjoyed ourselves and the food! We ended up for Shabbat ordering from Sam's deli. Tower 41 didn't have anything interesting that we couldn't get at the deli anyway (other than the availability of eating hot food on Saturday). Overall we had some great stuff and lots of food we can't get in Chicago. We ate at Tea for Two, Tasti Cafe, Thai Treat, Shem Tov's, and Mr. Chopstick- if anyone has questions feel free! The biggest help was that in Shem Tov's they had a map with all of the kosher restaurants with phone numbers and addresses- along with a listing of synagogues, Jewish sites of interest, and other general attractions.