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Jun 19, 2008 10:13 PM

Favourite place to eat and why..

Hello, I would like to try some new restaurants within the GTA and was wondering if you can help suggest some of your all time favourite spots to eat...and it because a certain dish, the atmosphere..etc.? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Starfish for oysters. The atmosphere is wonderful, the service is terrific, the oysters are always super fresh. We always walk in without a reservations (we just never think to "plan" to go there) and they have always fantastic to us. Tjough we have been turned away occaisionally because they are full (our own fault for no reservation), it was always done very gracefully. Did I mention how good the oysters are

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        Ditto. Mr. Millygirl and I love it also....very romantic for us.

    1. It would help us if you told about where you've already been and what you loved yourself.

      1. My favorite: The Golden Turtle on Ossington Ave. between Queen West and Dundas West. Great pho, bustling little room, and the always tasty Vietnamese iced coffee.

        Afterwards, visit the second-hand bookstore next door - they often have a decent selection of cookbooks in stock, among other things.

        1. Gio Rana's for a fun and boisterous environment and very decent Italian small plates for sharing.

          Ematei for really good izakaya-style Japanese hot appetizers in a retro-ish decor that somehow encourages me to drink lots of sake.

          Torito for tapas and a chance to stroll around Kensington Market.

          JKWB on a Sunday late afternoon when it's not too busy and I can linger at the bar watching the chefs ramp up for the evening.

          The back patio of Allen's on a warm summer evening, under the weeping willow tree eating a nice rare burger.

          Sushi Marché for takeout, just ask for omakase and marvel at what he's given you when you get home.