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Jun 19, 2008 09:24 PM

Breakfast Near Burlington CO/ Lunch Near Salida CO?

I am traveling from NY to CO along I 70. Will be spending one night in Burlington near the KS boarder. Any suggestions for breakfast in that area or lunch @ 5 hours closer to Telluride ( Salida?) would be welcome. Favorite coffee shops as well.

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  1. Nelle, I can't help you in Burlington, but Salida has a surprisingly large selection of good food.

    If you want upscale, go to Laughing Ladies, right downtown.

    If you want delish thin-crust pizza, pannini, a wide variety of salads and/or micro-brew beer, head directly to Amica's (they even have gluten-free crust and beers now, if that's a concern).

    Coffee? Gotta be Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe, right on the river.


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    1. re: miss louella

      I'll have to agree with you louella, I used to snowboard at monarch, and after a hard day, we head straight to amica in our snowgear. I usually order a pizza for myself, and the happy hour beer takes care of my long day of pain. To be honest, Amica's the only place I know in Salida. Sorry I can't be of more help.

      1. re: miss louella

        Thanks..looks like Bongo Billy's may fit the bill after 30 hours of roadfood!

        1. re: Nelle

          If you stop by Bongo's, make sure to sip your coffee out on the back deck (or walk the few steps down to the river and feel like you are miles from your car instead of steps).

          but as far as food goes, I'm a savory gal and am mostly underwhelmed there. The last breakfast burrito I tasted there had something like nutmeg or allspice in the potatoes (huge mistake, to my tongue), and their wild mushroom quesadilla is a greasy treat, but not too much of a roadfood respite. If, however, you like things in the scone, cookie, cake genre, you may be pleased. Be aware that the climate's super dry so cookies that are bendy right out of the oven become much more crumbly after a very short time; ask your server before you buy to make sure you get the texture you like.

          btw, even if you're coming in on 285, it's worth the small detour to Salida for coffee by the river. the Bongo Billy's in Buena Vista has a great view of the parking lot and the road and not much (or any?) kitchen as I recall from a couple of emergency caffeine stops. The espresso drinks are fine.

      2. I don't know which route you are taking, but if you do go near Salida, Miss Louella's suggestions are ones that I would also make. If you are going through South Park on US 285 (which is one way you might reach Salida), Millonzi's in downtown Fairplay is the best bet in the valley -- and it's only a couple of blocks off the highway. In addition to the Bongo Billy's in Salida, there is one right along 285 in Buena Vista.