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Jun 19, 2008 09:22 PM

ISO Chinese Restaurant for large Wedding Banquet

Hi fellow foodies. I am looking for a place to have a banquet for about 300. My first choices are too small and I don't know how the food is and the capacity they can hold are in the SGV. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. 300 person banquet at a Chinese restaurant is relatively modest. Ocean Star in Monterey Park probably holds 800. Empress Pavilion in Chinatown also holds several hundred. as does NBC in Monterey Park and 888 in Rosemead. I attended a 75 table Chinese wedding banquet at the Universal Hilton. Heck, my wedding in 1980 had 60 tables at Golden Dragon in Chinatown. I'm sure there are even more choices. Only caution is that these places book up way in advance, up to a year in some cases.

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      Yes I know, I was thinking of Cerritos, but I don't think the restaurants there are nearly as large, that is why I am asking. Also, I want opinions on food quality. Been to Golden Dragon, knew the owners at one time a couple of decades ago, but not hip on the cleanliness and location.

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        Actually Prince Seafood in Cerritos is a very popular wedding banquet venue even though it is pricier than most SGV locations. Certainly between upstairs and downstairs they would have enough capacity. At this point in time I wouldn't go to Golden Dragon either, but all the others are more than passable.

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          yes, been to banquets there, but don't want to do both, would like to keep all guests together and have a dance floor as well. thanks

    2. What about Mission 261? I've only had their dim sum and I really like it.

      1. Just about any HK Cantonese restaurant can easily accomodate a 300 person wedding party.

        Ocean Star
        New Capital
        Mission 261
        The Kitchen
        Empress Harbour

        And Triumphal Palace and Elite could probably also do it, but you'd probably end up reserving the whole joint.

        1. Thanks for the input thus far, but I would also like to know which has the better food and service.

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            Just about all the big ones will have good food and service. The two more important questions are:

            1. What do you want on your menu?

            2. How much you are willing to pay per table?

            That will narrow down your list more quickly.

            1. re: raytamsgv

              thanks for the advice, working on that now