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Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

I'm absolutely addicted to the frozen ones but I wish I could sink my teeth in a genuine beef patty without having to fly to Jamaica of course. Are there any good Jamaican delis or restaurants that sell these?

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  1. I love them too but I didn't even know they exist in frozen form. Where do you get them? Any salt fish patties?

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      Almost all places that have them serve a reheated frozen product shipped out of Brooklyn or somewhere similar. The few places that make them from scratch serve ones that are often not as good as the frozen brand. Jamaican beef patties are the one Chowhound item you can even find at a 7-11.

      The best Jamaican food I've had in the area is probably at Jamaica Jamaica in Herndon. They were out of patties the one time I ate there (maybe a good sign?), and I don't know if they are homemade, but you could always give them a call.

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        Another thing that I love, which is similar to the Jamaican patties, is the English pasties.

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          I second Jamaica Jamaica. yum.

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          I really like Negril and Caribbean Feast for their Jamaican good eats. Yummy curry chicken, goat, jerk chicken, beef patties and ginger beer to wash it all down. I'm not an expert in beef patties, but they are tasty and seem to be homemade. Caribbean Feast is in Rockville and Negril has four locations.

          Caribbean Feast Restaurant & Catering
          (301) 315-2668
          823 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD

          (301) 926-7220
          18509 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD

          Negril Eatery
          (202) 232-6734
          2301 Georgia Ave Nw, #G, Washington, DC

          (301) 585-3000
          965 Thayer Ave, Silver Spring, MD

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            I second the Jamaican style empanadas at Julia's. Patties are also available at York Castle Tropical Ice Cream on Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring, just south of the Beltway exit and before 16th Street. You can eat ice cream for dessert!

          2. tropicana (locations on ga ave near silver spring, and u st)
            i think julia's empanadas has them too

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              I really like Tropicana's. It's the right kind of spicy too. I typically go to the one on Georgia Avenue over by Howard Univ Hospital.

            2. In addition to all the other places mentioned, there's also Taste of Jamaica (at 5th & H NE); the beef patties aren't their best dish (the brown stew and jerk are much better) but they aren't bad.

              1. Sometimes I buy them in bulk (frozen) at the Jamaican wholesalers at the markets on Florida Ave NE.

                1. Golden Krust >>>> Tropicana and the new place on R.I. NE

                  3500 East West Highway,
                  Hyattsville, MD 20782

                  1. Also, Julia's Empanadas makes one with an excellent curried meat filling and calls it "Jamaican". Try it!

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                      It's really in the same ball park.
                      - the ground beef is much closer to ground beef than the usual "paste" like filling of a typical pattie
                      - the "cruss" crust isn't the same type of flake

                      It's a good empanada, but it's not a pattie by any stretch of the imagination

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                        Sorry, I meant to say it's not a pattie, just a filling.

                    2. There used to be a nice lady that sold awesome Jamaican meat pies at the Women's Farm Market in Bethesda. They are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Go early to make sure they are not sold out.

                      1. When I lived in SW a couple years ago, there was a Jamaican bakery next to the Safeway at the Waterfront Metro stop. Their patties are pretty decent compared to the ones I had in Negril.

                        1. My fiance' is of Jamaican-descent (Ironically she grew up in Jamaica, Queens...go figure), so being from Jamaica and NYC, she is very picky about her beef patties. We went to Jamaica Jamaica in Herndon...ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. In my opinion, I believe they are pre-made and frozen. She did approve of Tropicana in DC though...good beef patties, soft-warm cocoa bread, and a cold Pineapple D&G soda. The best.

                          1. I get delicious Jamaican beef patties from:

                            Caribbean Delight II
                            11000 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705
                            (301) 595-4667

                            Whenever I eat there, I order a few to go!

                            1. The king of the Jamaican beef patty hill used to be Negril. But, ever since their re-organization, the product has been touch and go. They aren't as universally fresh, as they used to be. However, they are worth a try.

                              Carribean Feast in Rockville makes a very fresh patty.

                              One thing about the fresh ones, though. They are inherently oily. The longer they stay in the warmer, the more the oil seems to well-up. Having said that, they are still delicious!

                              I actually find the frozen ones at Shoppers Food Warehouse to be pretty good and a bit less oily. (Though, they lack the flakey crust on the fresh ones.)

                              1. They have beef/chicken/veggie patties along with jerk chicken, curry chicken, goat, and oxtail and a bunch of other fish/soups... kinda far out there though.

                                Island Pride
                                4007 Norbeck Rd
                                Rockville, MD 20853

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                                  Is this a recommendation, or are you just saying they have these things on a menu?

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                                    I've had those Island Pride beef patties, Steve. They were oily, but actually pretty good.

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                                      i'd recommend the beef patties (spicy ones!), the goat and oxtail. If you go earlier in the day, the food tends to be less greasy.

                                  2. At the risk of blasphemy, can anyone with more experience than I comment on how the 7-Eleven patties stack up? (They taste pretty darn good to me.)

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                                      Bill, if you like the 7-Eleven beef patties (which are mass produced, frozen, reheated, and generally less spicy), you'll flip when you get a real, fresh, authentic one. The first thing you'll notice is the crisper, flakier pastry. Then, you'll find that the filling is much more flavorful and less paste-like than the 7-Eleven variety.

                                      I hope you get a chance to have a real one, soon.

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                                        Some places I have been that make their own are not as good as the 7-11 items. So I guess it depends upon the place. In fact, I can't wait to try one that is better. I'm sure they're out there, and I want to try those recommended here.

                                        Did you know...... that you can get them to make them "fresh" at 7-11? If they are out or the ones in the case look tired, they will heat up some frozen ones while you wait. Takes about 2 minutes. Sometimes the ones in the case are very tired tasting. They are worthless, and a 'good' 7-11 will not sell the old ones.

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                                          Steve - you really operate on all levels!

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                                          7-11 Patties can't touch real Jamaican patties!!! A lot of people I know have complained of errr....intestinal issues....after eating a 7-11 Patty, but a real one will blow your mind! Be prepared for spice, or at least get Cocoa bread to sandwich your Patty in. Visit The Turntable on Georgia Ave NW for the best in the city (see my post below)! Real Jamaican patties have much more of a pastry-ish crust that is flaky and buttery(? for lack of a better term); the meat isn't much to look at, but it's a smoother consistency speckled with peppers. Although I've never tasted one in Jamaica, my boyfriend (born and raised in Kingston) and his family (also born and raised in JA) have vouched that these are the best in DC and closest to "Yard" that they've had in the Washington area. (For those who don't know: "Yard" is what Jamaicans call Jamaica).

                                        3. Caribbean Corner, the new(ish) Jamaican carryout in Fairfax City, serves them. And a tasty curry goat, among other things. Only been once but will be back. Fun little place.

                                          Here is a link to their menu...though it has now been updated with multiple sizes on most dishes. If you want ackee & saltfish call ahead.

                                          Edit: forgot the link


                                          1. Takadi, I recently saw something on a travel show that left me totally amazed. It was a show on Jamaica. They had a segment on a bakery that made some very popular island delicacies including the famous beef patties and cocoa bread. (I discovered both over 20 years ago, locally.)

                                            But, then they did something that blew me away. The ladies there showed the host how many locals eat those items. They split open a loaf of cocoa bread and they sandwiched a beef patty inside it. I have a hunch that both of those items were much fresher than those found here. (Most of the cocoa bread I've had is pretty hard.) This is something I plan to try if I ever get to the island.

                                            1. The best patties in DC are at The Turntable on Georgia Ave in NW (near GA Ave/Missouri Ave NW). They are imported (I think) and bonafide by all the Jamaicans I know (and that's a lot, since I've been dating one for 4 years) as the best "since Yard". The owners are friendly, and there's a regular crowd in there daily. Also: they have fresh cocoa bread that's HOT and SOFT (see poster above).

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                                                Kingston Arbor back of Prince George's Plaza in Hyattsville, MD 301-853-0133, This is absolutely the best Jamaican food and beef, chicken and spinach patties that I have eaten. The patties are not greasy their Jerk Ck and curry ck is absolutely the best. I have tried the fried dumplings when they have it and its the bomb. TRy it you will be pleased

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                                                  Just Jerk in Lanham is also the real deal for Jamaican food; I've tried the patties and the jerk there, and both are good. PG County seems to be where to go for the Jamaican food these days.

                                              2. If you like spinach and cheese patties,flaky dough to die for, and want to go for a ride to the burbs, get on BW parkway, off at Rt.197 toward Laurel, look immediately to your right and there is a large seedy mall, Camerons Seafood, Post Office, Pawn shop, and Island Flavors. A trio of Jamaican sisters, Heather runs the place. Call first to make sure they have them because they sell out fast. Order 24 patties for something slightly over 2.50 each, try to get them home. Freeze three to a package in a good ziplock bag and heat on a pizza stone if there are any left.

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                                                  This sounds like a great find. Do they make only spinach and cheese? Is that a combo or are you talking about two different patties?

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                                                    Yes, more info - I go by here with some regularity and could stop in next time.

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                                                    What is the name of this place? Island Flavors does not have spinach and cheese patties on their menu.

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                                                      i know it is not on the menu, but can be ordered. Sometimes, they have them even if not on the board. The last two times I was in, they had three or four in the warmer. I took those, and Heather told her sister to bake another six.......limited edition obviously. Sometimes, you ask for a veggie pattie, and you get spinach or vice versa. They also make spinach without cheese. They are midly spicy. They are not combos. One flavor is spinach, the other is spinach and cheese.

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                                                        I stopped by earlier today. This place is only a couple of miles down the road from the newly relocated Dutch Country Market where I was. I tried the spinach and cheese pie. It was light on the cheese, but good. I also tried the beef patty, nice and spicy. There is a vegetable patty too, which is an amalgam of chopped vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, corn, peas. That one was not so tasty. I think under the heading veggie patty, it could be anything. They were out of the chicken. All patties are $2 ea.