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Jun 19, 2008 07:56 PM

mint/rosemary simple syrup

Blueberries, ? lemon vodka, soda? skip the soda? garnish with a rosemary stalk???

I know the blueberry/mint/rosemary is a good combination. Trying to get the boozy piece. Will serve in an old fashioned glass.

I have rum, but I don't think that will work with the rosemary.

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  1. With Rosemary, you might be better off using Gin, or something crazy like Cynar.

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    1. re: Xaga

      I'd second the Gin recommendation. Maybe a nice citrusy Gin to complement the herbal note in your simple syrup.

    2. gin will compete too much with rosemary (I think they are related) try something neutral like vodka. I wouldn't garnish with a rosemary stalk, you want to be able to eat the garnish. Instead, take the leaves off the rosemary leaving you with a skewer and pierce a few blueberries on it. yum. Maybe, make a rosemary simple syrup then make a "mojito like" drink and muddle the mint on the bottom of the glass with some blueberries, add vodka and syrup and a bit of soda and garnish rosemary skewers of blueberries and mint. just an idea

      1. Gin of course, all those botanicals would pair well. Of course it depends upon the gin. I don't agree that they would compete with the rosemary, as a matter of fact I know from expreience that the opposite is true. Gin and rosemary work very well. I have infused a bruised rosemary stalk for a few minutes in gin before making a martini and it was great.

        BUT a rum agricole (made from cane juice not molasses) isn't sweet and would pair fabulously because of its earthy and musky flavors. Something like Clement Premierre Canne or RHUM JM white.

        1. my girl and i made a nice drink over the summer, the ingredients are simple:
          a 750ml bottle of Ketel One
          a fistful of mint (find someone with big fists to go mint crazy!)

          combine both mint and vodka in a blender and blend for just a few seconds. this i find to be the fastest way to really open up the mint and get its flavor into the vodka.
          after blending just strain through a coffee filter or cheese cloth, serve on the rocks and enjoy!

          simple, easy, refreshing, the color of healthy summer green grass, and will send you to the moon! :D