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Jun 19, 2008 07:25 PM

Safeway BBQ Battle -- Worth going?

Hi all,

I've searched this board, but couldn't find any postings or opinions on this event. According to its Web site, it's this Saturday & Sunday. I thought it would be neat to check it out, but are there many samples? Is it worth the $10 for tickets? What was the scene like? I would be taking a toddler in a stroller, so I wanted to find out how well that would work out.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I went a long long time ago. Back then, you can only sample the products from the restaurants, not the actual contestants. I didn't think it was worth ever going back to.

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      Yeppers -- we found it highly annoying that we could ogle the contestants' wares but not taste any of it. Instead we got to eat mediocre barbecue from the concessionaires. And stand in line for small samples of Johnsonville brats. Woo-hoo!

    2. Totally not worth it at least not on Sunday. No samples, you have to buy it from the big chains that come in, the lines for the good ones are extremely long. There are a lot of free samples of non-bbq related stuff from the sponsors. The highlight of last year for our group was trying out for the oscar meyer weiner sing the jingle contest- yep that was the highlight oh and our picture in front of the weiner mobile. We won't ever be going back.

      1. I wouldn't eat what they were serving if it was free, let alone pay $10 to sample the stuff: boiled meat, liquid smoke, HFC syrup. FAIL.

        It might be entertaining for the kids to watch, but for food, no. Like the chili cookoff and the Taste of DC, it's really not worth the money or effort.

        1. I've probably posted this before in older topics about it. The BBQ Battle is good for live music, especially if you're a blues fan. I've performed there a couple of times and this year I'll be volunteering at the DC Blues Society's booth.

          If you know people who are competing there (which I do), you can probably get some generous samples of what they're cooking. If you don't, you'll stand in long lines to buy overpriced ribs and sandwiches from (for the most part) local chain bbq joints.

          It's a great event to get paid to attend or to get in free.

          1. I also got taken in by this several years ago - never again! Even if the good bbq was for sale, I chafe at paying for the privilege of paying for something (which is why I won't join a warehouse club).

            There are too many other good, FREE festivals. My fave is the Taste of Wheaton. Hopefully it won't get poured on next year!