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Jun 19, 2008 06:50 PM

Looking for a real salumeria

Have all the real meat markets/deli counters gone the way of Boars Head? Back in the day my grandfather used to make his own prosciutto and cure his own deli meats, but that was in the Ohio Valley and many years ago ... now I'm in NYC and looking for some authentic Italian deli meats, anyone got some leads? Double bonus points if anyone can point me to some cinghiale, please?

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  1. Try Esposito's in Carroll Gardens (Court St btwn President and Union). Great sopressata and fress mozz. Also, Staubitz is very good (Court St at Baltic). I've never tried it there, but the website lists wild boar sausage.

    1. In Bensonhurst/Dyker it's hard NOT to find a salumeria like this... 13th Avenue has a pork store that easily meets these requirements, but the real gold is on 18th Ave towards 86th. The funny thing is, I don't know the names of either place or the exact address. I've been walking to both for years now and I do it purely out of memory so I have no idea! The one I'm talking about on 18th Avenue has excellent soppressata among other goods. Also, further down 18th Ave you've got Faicco's for sausage and another excellent salumeria across the street (roughly) from there. Not Italian, but the Ridgewood Pork Store is a Romanian salumeria of the gods in Ridgewood.

      You can get cinghiale on 18th Ave.

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        Faicco's is on 11th Avenue off 65th Street, not 18th Avenue.

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          I believe the salumeria you mean on 18th Avenue is "Frank & Sal's". It's at 8008 18th Avenue and is terrific!

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            Frank and Sal's is charming and very italian. they will slice and have lots of interesting and wonderful items.

            Trunzio's, right up the street on 18th is also nice but more limited.

            Collucio's will not slice your meats but its a great place otherwise.

            Two other Manhattan spots for salumi are the Italian place in the Chelsea Market which has culatello and several types of prosciutto and DiPalo in Little Italy.

            In Park Slope, Blue Apron has very good aged prosciutto, San Daniele Ham and serrano and bellota ham as well and slices.

        2. There are several in Astoria as well, the best is Sorriso, they have their own sopressata as well as other house made deli meats like turkey, fresh ham, roast beef etc. They have amazing fresh mozz and ricotta, a good selection of Italian cheeses and other prepared foods.

          1. In the Bronx, try the Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Ave (they also make excellent ricotta):


            The same area has a significant number of Italian delis, bakeries, pastry shops, butchers, etc. within a small, walkable neighborhood.

            1. I like Sorriso's Pork Store in Astoria- 30th Ave and 45th Street.

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                The homemade Sopressata with provolone at Sorriso is awesome. I love this place. Every visit is an incredible experience.