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Jun 19, 2008 06:48 PM

Middle Eastern Market In Charlotte?

Is there one? Seems like I've seen one over on Eastway near Central, but maybe there's a better one, or one nearer to Concord (my actual location). I had this idea for country ribs with Moroccan spices---not exactly kosher (that's my idea of joke, folks) but still, it sounds good.
I need this spice called ras-el-hanout.

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  1. Try the Middle East Deli on Independence -- they have some grocery items too. You could call first.

    4508 E Independence Blvd
    (704) 536-9847

    1. I think the term you want to be using is Hallel not Kosher.
      Similar but different religions and rules. You could use beef or even better lamb and then you get to go to heaven, perhaps seven virgins will be there waiting to greet you.? Allah Akbar

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      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

        I know the correct term is halal. The substitution of the word "kosher" for the word "halal" was "my idea of a joke." I guess I was too subtle for my own good.

      2. Try Halal International, 3120 North Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28205-6539. Its just north of the intersection w/Albemarle Rd. Great pita bread there.

        1. There is one located on Monroe Rd. right near Wendover/Eastway. Think it's called Ali Baba

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          1. re: ickymettle

            Ali Baba closed a while back & is now a pizza joint

            1. re: Jibe

              Yes, I drove by yesterday and just realized that. Anybody tried their pizza?

              1. re: ickymettle

                My family & I did. we had heard good things about it, but were really dissappointed in their pizza. Lousy crust. I'd prefer to go to Intermezzo on Central at 10th St.

                1. re: Jibe

                  Speaking of intermezzo- The pizza does have a fantastic crust. It's not the classic NY pizza that I go for but, this crust that they have is great and the italian sausage is mighty fine as well.

          2. Ras-el-hanout is a spice blend. Each store may have a slightly different version. You might want to try several and see which bend you like best.

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              1. re: mrwaterslide

                There's also Cedarland @ 4832 Central Ave 704-535-9662.