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Jun 19, 2008 06:14 PM

Mexican Food in Vegas

Any good here? Any recommendations?

We are here right now for a week, looking to try some good/authentic Mexican or possibly will go for southwestern (I know they are very different). We are visiting from Canada, not a great representation of either where we are from. Have car - will travel.


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  1. I enjoy Viva Mercados on Rainbow at Spring Mountain. I do not like the Michoican restaurants as I find the food to be very bland.

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      For more upscale Mexican try Dos Caminos @ The Palazzo Hotel.
      Had the opportunity to dine there recently and it was fabulous. Started w/ the house made guacamole and a trio of salsas....all the salsas were fresh, clean flavors and served in order from mild to spicy. My favorite was the tomatillo which was quite spicy!
      For entree I had the seared salmon w/ a pumpkin was amazing. Cooked perfectly and the mole was a twist on the traditional. My friend ordered the duo of had a green sauce the other a traditional mexican was fabulous. Your could really taste the layering of flavors and depth.

      Dos Caminos is more of an upscale Mexican Restaurant than a traditional Mexican restaurant. The flavors and the freshness of the food are what really impressed us. The ambiance and decor in the restaurant is beautiful as well!

      The bar area is interesting with many different private seating areas which would be fun to share appetizers and a freshly made margarita.

    2. For upscale, try Gallerias on Buffalo in Summerlin. For good Mexico City style, everyone raves about Viva Zapatas on Craig just off of I15 north of town. I haven't eaten there yet, but plan to before the month is out....

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          Me too (Viva Zapata's)! Very excited to try it.

          For Southwestern, the OP might try Mesa Grill at Caesars.

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            Before finding Frank and Fina's and Mamacita's I liked Viva Mercado and Bonito Michoacan. I haven't been to either since we found them.


        2. I love Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. They have the best magaritas, guacamole, and salsas. Outdoor patio overlooks the lazy river. Here is a quote from their website.
          "Welcome to the Las Vegas destination restaurant overlooking the Lazy River just off Mandalay Beach, where Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, Food Network’s “Too Hot Tamales”, want nothing more than to spice up your day. With two floors of patio dining, it’s the perfect setting for sipping margaritas and savoring the bold flavors of Mexico while enjoying views of the beach and pool. Gourmet magazine calls Border Grill Las Vegas the epitome of the “waterfront cafe you never managed to find in Mazatlan”.

          1. My favorite is Isla at TI although Mesa Grill for Southwestern is very good too. Mexico has different regions and different cuisines so I don't think that you can say anything is uniquely Mexican but Isla's chef has a Mexico City influence. Galeria's is not bad but it has gone a little downhill when the old woman is not cooking and the younger guy with the mustache is the head chef. This is still pretty good Jaliscan but no liquor license.

            Viva Zapata's is very good and a bit better than the Michoacan's and Mercado. If you just want tamales, Dona Maria's is not bad.

            However, if you think that Las Vegas is similar to Chicago in terms of Mexican reputation because of the large Mexican-American population here, you are mistaken. I think that Mexican is actually surprisingly weak in Las Vegas. My favorites are all pretty good but nothing like the Tex Mex in San Antonio or the hotter New Mexico variations.

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              I have eaten a lot of mexican food in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, California, and Las Vegas. Dona Marias on Las Vegas Boulevard has some of the best tamales I have ever eaten. I went to Lindo Michoachan once and was disapointed. I liked El Sombrero better. The mexican restaurant in New York New York was surprisingly good also. Garduno's in the Fiesta Rancho is pretty good, especially the sopapillas.

              Bigray in Ok

              1. re: Bigrayok

                We ended up trying Frank & Fina's. Did not want to go with high end.

                It was really enjoyable! great starter chips & salsa. yummy margaritas with different tequila choices.

                I had a chicken enchilada & tamale all done very well. very creamy beans. I have not had a lot of mexican, but it all seemed great.

                wish that we had more choice up in Edmonton alberta!

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  If you want the REAL stuff...try Fausto's Mexican Grill. There are several locations, one on Stephanie by the DMV and one by Albertsons's on Horizon in Henderson. If you are looking for a nice sit down place with ambiance, this isn't it, but the the food is the real deal and incredably good. On Eastern near the 515 is a carniceria (I forgot the name) with a restaurant attached to it. Again, no ambiance but delicious authentic Mexican food. The older I get the less I like the elaborate "chain-type" show piece Mexican restaurans opting for the zero ambiance but far superior mexican local hang-outs. The food is a fraction of the cost and 10 times better. Enjoy your visit, Vegas is a lot of FUN!!!! Edburns PHX