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Jun 19, 2008 06:06 PM

Richmond, BC (one meal)

I've been reading the posts about the best places to go for Chinese in Richmond and I'm wondering, if you could only have one meal there, where would you choose? We'll be there for lunch on Saturday.
Also, what is the best place for dim sum? Sounds like Shiang Garden might be it but I want to make sure..

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  1. I really like Shiang Garden for dim sum and Sea Harbour for a la carte. Why don't you try the prix fixe at Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine - "the best Chinese restaurant outside China" - according to NY Times writer Jennifer 8 Lee... did it last year. Very unique.

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      Now I'm second guessing myself. I'll stick with Sea Harbour....but I may switch to Northern Delicacies instead of Shiang Garden...just for the Northern's Tea Smoked duck. Still sticking to Zen for an alternative Chinese food experience.

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        Can you give more details on Northern Delicacies' tea smoked duck? I had an amazing serving of that at Chen's Shanghai recently, and would love to try it out at other locations in the GVA.

        1. re: shoku_tsu

          Tender and subtle. I have some pics here:

          Chen's duck is also quite good.

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            Some posts about photo hosting have been moved off to our Not About Food board. You can find them here:

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              Great to have the images to compare! :) Looks like ND is a much more spacious joint than Chen's too.

              1. re: shoku_tsu

                It is very swank. The prices are a higher and the dishes are slighty smaller as well.

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            Thanks for the recs! We went to Shiang Garden because neither one of us is a huge fan of tea smoked duck (maybe we just haven't had it made well yet?) and it was good. My hubby, who had only ever had bad dim sum before was impressed and converted. Sea Harbour is on our list for our next visit...