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Jun 19, 2008 05:54 PM

Need Recs Lunch and Dinner between Portsmouth, NH and Boothbay, ME.

We are taking a family roadtrip and are looking for lunch and dinner options between Portsmouth and Boothbay. Casual,local color type places that have a talent with seasonal and regional ingredients.

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  1. Try the Harrasskeet Lobster Shack in S. Freeport for lunch which is less than 90 minutes north of Portsmouth.

    1. Definitely stop at LaGarage in Wiscasset, great views and great real NE food types. Bar is downstairs but the enclosed deck dining is great too...

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      1. re: jspear

        I know people often mention Le Garage, but I have never had anything other than mediocre food there. I think the best thing about the place is the view, and the fact that I can get Indian pudding there.

        1. re: Shooley

          Really, I probably eat there once or twice in my 2 week stay and while I like the local food choices, I think things like their seafood cocktail, smoked salmon and sometimes mussels, and their main dishes usually please. I agree about the view too. While not top shelf, I wouldn't describe my experiences there as mediocre.

      2. You may want to check out Sweet Leaves Teahouse, on Pleasant St in Brunswick (pretty close to "on your way" to Boothbay):
        Despite the name, they serve excellent lunch and dinner items, significantly from local sources, with nice fresh tastes. Interesting panini at lunchtime, equally interesting flatbread pizza's at dinner, as well as great entrees and reasonably priced wines.

        1. How was the trip? Where did you end up eating??