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Jun 19, 2008 05:40 PM

Ultra crispy crust pizza

OK Hounds, I have been craving this for years. Where do you go for that thin (almost papadam crisp) crust pizza that crackles when you bite into it and lasts a few crunches more? I had it often when I lived in the Big Apple for grad school but have yet to find a facsimiile in the Big Scrapple. Enough of the doughy stuff. What I need (knead?) is rolled very thin, has thinly spread toppings and is baked at very high temp for a short time. Give me a Za that lets me know I'm alive! Any recs, particularly in the Montco and Delco area?

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  1. When I saw this post, I was hoping you had the Holy Grail of thin crispy pizza!! I feel so deflated right now. *Big Scrapple* - Too funny!

    1. Doughy, undercooked pizza is what we get here in Philly. I have never had the type of pizza I had growing up in the NYC suburbs since moving to the Philly area many years ago. I have found good pizza in NJ that would probably hit the spot for you, but never in PA. Hopefully someone out there will be able to help you.

      1. osteria's pizza has that sorta feel to it. my fave thing by far of my one dinner there! it is pretty good. i kept it simple with the margherita.

        rustica in nolibs is pretty satisfyingly crusty but by no means papadam thin.

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          I used to order from Rustica alot, but their crust is so chewy sometimes it makes my jaws hurt! I've kept to Angelino's lately. But this is off topic, neither has the crispiness that Paulo is looking for.

        2. Mama Palmas on 23rd and Spruce has my favorate pizza, the food is great beer is cold, the staff is educated and friendly.

          1. Any time I've had Tacconelli's it's been cooked well done with a nice crunch. It's not super thin, but still delicious. Tip: Forget reserving dough in Port Richmond, drive to their Moorestown location instead. Just as good.