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Jun 19, 2008 05:37 PM

Would you take kids to Babbo's?

I am visiting NYC in July and have a reservation for Babbo's. My kids are 8 and 13 and are generally well behaved. My 8 year old daughter can be a picky eater, Will there be anything on the menu she can eat? Or will they serve a simple pasta dish for her?

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  1. Babbo tends to be a long-ish meal. Will the 8-year-old want to sit through it?

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    1. re: il Trifulau

      What is longish? Two hours? She could sit through that. I just worry that unless they make some simple pasta dish for her, there will be nothing on the menu for her to eat.

    2. I'm sure if you ask for pasta or gnocchi with butter and parmigiana or olive oil and garlic they would have no problem accommodating.

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      1. re: misnatalie

        Thank you, I am really looking forward to going to Babbo's. I just don't like taking them anywhere too formal or any place where they can't find anything on the menu to eat.

        1. re: TCS

          As far as fancy restaurants go, Babbo (no 's--it's not owned by a guy named Babbo) is actually very informal. DarthEater is right--downstairs is where you'll want to be with kids.

          However, if you poke around this board you'll see that reservations at Babbo are difficult to get. So first order of business is to get a table; worry about where you'll sit after that.

          1. re: jakew8

            Already have the reservation, thanks.

      2. I've seen kids at Babbo. They might enjoy downstairs rather than upstairs which has a more formal and serious setting.

        1. I've seen kids treated very well at Babbo.

          1. Once at Babbo I sat by a couple that had brought their baby with them. She sat in a high chair perfectly behaved and ate cheerios while her parents enjoyed their grown up meal.