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Any recent Perbacco experiences?

Considering dinner in the Union Square/FiDi area and didn't see anything recent about Perbacco. Wondering if it's maintaining?


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  1. I was there a month or two ago and everything was good. What I still remember is the grilled squid appetizer. It was just so good! What I didn't like was sitting in the back area with low ceilings. It felt really cramped. Not a huge deal, but if it can be helped don't sit there.

    My husband is going next week so if he says it's gone significantly up or down hill I'll report back.

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      Yum! So I got to taste some leftovers last night, and Perbacco is definitely still worth a visit. My husband brought back half a stuffed quail in truffle sauce. The squail and stuffing were tasty, well done, well seasoned, but just that.

      The sauce? !!!! If I could have a bowl of pasta in that sauce I would be set. I couldn't tell exactly what was in it, but it was a perfect melding of all the flavors you want in a rich sauce: meat, onion, mushrooms, truffles, herbs, and some kind of wine. There were also pieces of sweet corn and mushrooms in it. What a great late night snack!

      Husband noted that the tripe was mediocre, but his co-worker's watermelon salad looked good.

    2. I was there 2 weeks ago and it was as good as ever.

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        Adding place link

        230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

      2. I was there last month for the first time, so I don't know if it's gone uphill or down, but I had a good meal. The appetizers were the highlight, and one of my tablemate's gnocchi was great -- I didn't love my pasta, though.

        1. Several recent mentions have been positive.
          Sorry have a disagreement with the place function.

          1. Was there about a month back, and It is still one of my favorites. The charcuterie dish blew me away, and so do the agnolotti dal plin, my favorite dish!

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              I ate at Perbacco a month or so ago and thought it was excellent, even better than the great meal I had at Oliveto a few nights earlier. I had the Agnolotti with herbs and truffle jus, the short ribs and the pana cotta. All delicious.

            2. loud but good. i'm liking the bar over a table but that may be a familiarity thing.

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                Love the bar at Perbacco. And the food has been outstanding. In fact, I deliberately avoid going with more than one person so we can sit at the bar and still have a meal and a conversation.

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                  The bar's great if it's not too busy. The earlier part of the evening on weeknights the bar is sometimes pretty packed.

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                    Agreed. I usually go at lunch time, and if you get there slightly before noon, you can snag a good seat at the bar.

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                      Another fabulous lunch at Perbacco with a colleague.

                      Colleague had braised short ribs and I had the hanger steak. We started off with splitting a strawberry salad with arugula with ricotta - recommended by the waitstaff - loved this concoction.

                      IMHO - the best Italian destination in the FiDi.

                      230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

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                        Been here almost every month.

                        Happy to report another great lunch today - had the pork and veal meatballs and my friend had the beef stew with winter veggies on polenta.

                        Continues to be a mainstay lunch destination for me ....


                2. Went there about two months ago & thought it was very good. Outstanding, gracious service from initial welcome to "goodye, thank you" from manager/proprietor (?). I was also pleased with my table as we had a corner opposite the alcove (spot w/ big table behind us).

                  For dinner we started with crudo of hamachi w/ thinly sliced kumquats & serrano, very tasty. I wanted to order the salumi platter but felt that may be too much for two of us so went with just the cicciola (shredded pork pate). Served with toasted baguette slices, it was nice but didn't realize it would be sooo thick & rich (took two thirds home). For our entrees, DH ordered the beef short rib stracotto which he loved & I ordered small plates of the agnolotti dal pin w/ roasted veal and the tajarin, tagliatalle with pork sugo. I liked the tajarin but not the agnolotti which was the server's suggestion. I've liked veal in the past but just didn't care for the taste in this version (may be just us). Also ordered brussel sprouts & but they were just okay. Capped off the meal with a delectable dessert of caramel coated custard with apricot marscapone. Best of all, $129 incl. tax, 2 refreshing cocktails, & 2 glasses of wine. Looking forward to return.