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Jun 19, 2008 04:19 PM

Metuchen-Spice Melange

I really enjoyed this Indian restaurant. Anyone been?

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  1. Yes! We did the lunch buffet. All the ingredients were so fresh.

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    1. re: njeggy1

      Could you please give me more info. What was served on the buffet? Was it very crowded? Price?. Parking?....

      1. re: gudeatz

        It was not crowded. I went once on my lunch break. I will be going back tomorrow and give you a more detailed description. However, my mind kind of turns off at lunch break and I sometimes just like to enjoy the food instead of critiquing it. I believe it cost $9.95.

        1. re: njeggy1

          yes, i believe it is 9.99, parking shouldnt be a major issue

          i have not been to lunch so i am not certain what is served

          1. re: dragonguy

            Have recently been to the lunch buffet...AWESOME

            I have returned on two other occasions, very very good food

      1. re: ambrose

        As usual, the review appears mixed, but I have only seen positive. Have recommended to my indian friends and they think it is amazing!