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Jun 19, 2008 04:07 PM

Chung King Garden

Anyone been there recently? I heard their old chef has left, is this true?

What is better: Chung King Garden, Szechuan Tasty House, or Four Rivers? I need as authentic as possible!!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Yeah, the chef went to the new-ish Han Dynasty out in Exton. He moves around a lot.

    My current favorite is Tasty House, but it doesn't have the 'ma la' that Chung King Garden does. Although I dunno...I had dinner at CKG a couple weeks ago and it wasn't quite as good as before. What's your favorite dish?

    1. Chung King is best, hands down, assuming they are as good as they were 2-3 months ago (the last time I was there). STH has a very limited menu of excellent dishes, and even these are way too greasy for my taste. Four Rivers is very good but I have never liked their restaurant's interior.

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        could you recommend some Chung King dishes? I've been several times, but I keep going back to STH. I definitely agree with that many of the dishes are extraordinarily greasy, but those eggplant puffs rule the school.