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Jun 19, 2008 03:27 PM

Where to buy fresh sour cherries?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know where to buy fresh sour cherries?

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  1. Had my eye out, but haven't seen them anywhere yet. They traditionally appear in this area in late June, so maybe next week? I, too, will be eager to hear of first sightings.

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    1. re: JoanN

      Agreed. I associate seeing them at the greenmarket with "full-on" summer. So maybe in a week (or a few)?

    2. I have already seen sour cherries at the Union Square market, and at Agatha & Vanetina at 79th & 1st Avenue. Happy eating!

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      1. re: nmww

        Street vendors on Canal St. between Baxter and Mott in Chinatown.