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Jun 19, 2008 02:59 PM

Where to eat - East side of Plano off 75

I'm looking for a place to eat that is NOT a Bennigans, TGI Fridays off of 75 in Plano. We've been to Zanders House and really enjoy it. Are there any other options in the land of the chain restaurant? ANY type of food and ANY price point will do! And I mean anything since i am at such a loss here! Thanks for your help chowhounders!

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  1. Simon's Sushi, Big Easy, Bavarian Grill, Aparicio's... if you venture into old downtown Plano there's Kelly's Eastside and Jorg's Cafe Vienna.

    Really, the suburbs aren't that scary. Search these boards and you'll find lots of info on all these places.

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      technically big easy is on the west side of 75...or is that not the question? but yea also shiekh's in downtown plano alongside kelly's and jorg's, the fillmore makes a decent fish and chips. and there's little sichuan and the other places @ the asia world on legacy.

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        Seconding Fillmore as well and I was surprised by their beer selection when I went over there. Also don't forget about Sushi of Plano on 15th/Custer and the ASSI market on Spring Valley and Custer.

        I love going to Henk's for brunch, but I'm also curious about Jorg's Cafe Vienna since I see it whenever I'm at Fillmore. Can anyone speak about how does Jorg's compare to Henk's?

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          Fillmore is surprisingly good, they have my second most favorite burger, guiness cheeseburger, after the kobe burger at who's who's of course. Didn't really care for the fish/chips, had better in vancouver, but saw many patrons enjoying the sliders. I really enjoy the mao po tofu dish at little schz and steamed dumplings, umeko is also good in that plaza.

          1. re: lizlemon

            >I really enjoy the mao po tofu dish at little schz and steamed dumplings

            have you tried the tea smoked duck?

            1. re: luniz

              no i have not, is it a must have? I will have to remember that the next time i go.. thanks!

      2. i would suggest kelly's eastside or gregory's...depending on what mood youre in

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          Agreed on Kelly's Eastside, food is fantastic!

        2. Poor Richards near Park and Plano Rd serves a good breakfast and lunch. Best banana pudding in DFW.

          Mi Bandera at 14 and Jupiter serves the best tacos.

          El Paso near 15th and 75 has the best chips and salsa, and their #10 and #13 plates are some of the best, cheapest, down and dirty tex mex to be found.

          Filmore is great, as mentioned above.

          Sheiks on Plano Rd in downtown has good schwarma.

          Ye Old Butcher Shoppe will be moving soon, but until they do, they've got good burgers, especially their buffalo burger.

          La Paloma on Plano RD just north of downtown has good tacos, although a little more expensive than Mi Bandera.

          Aparicios on 18th st just west of Plano Rd has great tex mex.

          Fishmongers is just on the west side of 75, but serves good dependable seafood, and great bread pudding.

          There's a French restaurant just east of Filmore in downtown that gets good reviews it's called Gregory's. I've never been there but they tell me it's nice.

          1. You all are great thank you for the recs. Gregory's looks amazing. I just saw Jorgs' website that they were closed for a month.

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              Gregory's is as amazing as it looks. And all the staff, including the owner, is nothing but friendly. You'll probably have to drive around to the rear to park, but it's worth it. If dinner is too expensive, try lunch. Same wonderful food.

            2. I was just in Plano this past weekend. Had a chance to try Big Easy. My SO had the fried crawfish and they were amazing. The fries were limp and I didn't care too much for the cole slaw, but I'm not a big cole slaw eater. I had a special called Stuffed Shrimp Bienville. It was so-so. The stuffed shrimp were good, but the sauce was luke warm and sort of sweet. Not in a good way. It is served white rice and it was overdone. Also, we had the fried green tomatoes w/remoulade. They were decent and the remoulade was fab. Next time I plan to try the fried seafood combo tray because I think the fried food may be where it is at! It has shrimp, catfish, oysters, and crawfish tails...PLUS fries, slaw, and red beans and rice for 12.95. I also had the beignets...I think basically a standard frozen sopapilla with powdered sugar...still didn't stop me from eating them tho.

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              1. re: Mattkn

                The fries are good if you like those kind of fries. My wife loves them, I don't. I would get their onion rings which are among the best in the area. Also try the crawfish cakes.

                1. re: Mattkn

                  two words. crawfish etouffee.

                  1. re: luniz

                    I agree-The Big Easy has the best crawfish etoufee in town. The Basin Street Chicken is also very good :)

                    1. re: luniz

                      Thanks...I'll be back at the end of July. Maybe I'll try that.