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Jun 19, 2008 02:23 PM

Food Mill Frustration

Any tips on how to keep a food-mill together?

(I have reviewed the old threads about food mills, and did not find any clues on this particular issue.)

I have a Cuispro (pardon my spelling). It assembles okay, but shortly after I start turning... the handle/spring thingy breaks out of position.

Nothing appears broken, the sieve is on in the right direction, the bar thingy holding the handle-turny thing is hooked in..

Clearly I am missing something, I've never made it past a couple of turns with it...

.now, it's personal... I want this baby to work!

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  1. I have the same food mill (cuisipro) and have not had this problem. It isn't my favorite food mill, as I think the well is a little small, but it works okay. Haven't had it dissasemble on me while using yet.
    So you say the screen is in correctly, which is to say it bows upwards, yes?
    And the bar holding the handle straight is hooked in on both sides?
    Mine has a good amount of tension, meaning it takes some effort to unhook the bar.
    Could yours be defective?? So wierd...

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    1. re: rabaja

      Screen bowing upwards: Check
      Bar holding the handle hooked: Check

      Tension - not so good, it just doesn't seem to hold that well.

      This is the only brand of food mill I have tried, and I agree... it feels small.

      Is there an alternative food mill? Especially one that could handle fruit for making jelly etc?

      I like to use as much of the fruit as possible.

      i will tinker with it tonight, and post results.

      1. re: Daisy L

        I don't know what brand I have but it is *quite* hard to put the bar in place; so I think you probably don't have a strong enough spring on yours-

        1. re: Daisy L

          You might want to look at the Squeezo and similar types of food mills. I picked one up for $5 at a thrift shop and when my mom saw it, she wondered how she made (literally) thousands of quarts of apple sauce & tomato sauce with her Foley over the years.

          Even better was when I remembered my KitchenAid mixer had a similar attachment- I just had to find my box of rarely used attachments-lol. My only complaint about the KitchenAid attachment is that its too high for me to use comfortably- I either have to stand on stool or find a sturdy enough lower surface to put my KA mixer on. The KA attachment is limited in what you can run through it- no berries with seeds in particular. I find I use the Squeezo-type more and have recently picked up one on EBay that I can run with a drill.

      2. Is there a peg at the bottom of the handle-turny thing that goes in a hole in the center of the screen before you hook the bar? Jeeze, this is really complicated to write about.

        1. Foley has made food mills forever - I have and frequently use my grandmother's purchased in the 20's. It is designed pretty much the same as in this link:

          It doesn't have changeable sieves and it is a little bulky to store, but it is a workhorse!
          I've never felt it was lacking only having the one size sieve. Old ones show up in 2nd hand shops with some frequency.

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          1. re: meatn3

            Do you have ANY idea where i an find a new springie-thingie for the bottom of a Foley Food Mill? I have an old one (I think it was MY grandmother's!) and I love it, but once the spring goes missing, it's useless! Can't figure out the manufacturer...

            1. re: grace shohet

              I find Ace Hardware often has less common things. Another possibility is finding a vintage one to cannibalize. If you do find a part, please let us know where you got it!

          2. I have one and had problems using it. Turns out the blades were not aligned correctly to make best contact with the sieve. I had to bend and angle them into place. Now while mine never came apart while using the blade did have some impact on tension.

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            1. re: scubadoo97

              I'd never give up my Foley. Sounds like your Cuisipro is defective. If you cannot find their website, I can post it on this thread on Monday. They may just replace it for you.