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Jun 19, 2008 02:18 PM

Gaithersburg group dinner - work colleagues

Hi 'hounds - helping a colleague put together a group dinner for 15+ people. We'll all be staying in Gaithersburg and someone suggested Buco di Beppo which is . . . fine. I know chains rule but maybe we can come up with sometthing better and not so pedestrrian. We have some different palates - one guy is pure steak and potatoes. Is there any hope for us?? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. You can definitely do better than Buco! And really, there aren't that many chains in Gaithersburg, compared to say, Reston or Centerville. In the same shopping center, try Tandoori Nights for something a little different.

    Or, if you want to play it safer, head over to Rio for Red Rock Canyon or Rio Grande. You could also do Dogfish Head. (ok, technically those three are chains; but they're mini chains and local). Other options; Roy's Place or Flor de la Canela.

    Just throwing a bunch of stuff out there; without a little more in the way of details, it's hard to get specific.

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      Thanks for the suggestions - Indian is not an option (I would love it though!) We need to go fairly pedestrian - while some people have adventurous palates, we've got others who don't. It's a tough balance.

      Rio Grande might work . . .

    2. Some chains are better than others. Bonefish Grill is owned by the same group as Outback & Carrabba and is the best of these three. For a group of work colleagues it's a good choice. Maybe not a Chowhound's first choice, but also not a cheesy place to avoid like a loud holiday party. Bonefish has the undersides of their tables lined with a thick felt-like material to dampen noise. Their servers appear well-trained without becoming robotic and have adequate help from food runners and bussers. Every visit has included a dropby from a roaming manager to check on our table. Reservation important given the size of your group.

      It's located in the Kentlands and serves three different steaks and two potato side dishes...

      Bonefish Grill - 82 Market Street, Gaithersburg (240) 631-2401

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      1. re: Lydia R

        Thanks Lydia - I ate there once, fairly recently, and didn't think much of it - maybe they were having an off night? We may try them too, but I wonder if they have a private room/segregated area for us.

        1. re: beachgirl54

          How about O'Donnell's if seafood is sounding good to you. It's right there in the Kentlands as well, and they do have a steak on their menu for your meat-eating coworker. I think they may have a private room too.

          1. re: sharonlouk

            True. There's no private dining at Bonefish and a large-ish one at O'Donnell's.

            Not sure why I haven't been to O'Donnell's in years. Though I'd eaten at the Kentlands location when it first relocated, I still remember meals in Bethesda and many more at its nearby rival, Bish Thompson's.

            Sometimes with large groups, especially work colleagues, the best restaurant is "one size fits most" and seldom "fits me best"

            1. re: Lydia R

              I think O'Donnell's is a good choice for a group like yours. It would certainly be quieter than Buca or Rio Grande. FWIW I am a big fan of the Norfolk style crab at O'Donnell's. YUM!