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Jun 19, 2008 01:34 PM

Good deli near OC?

We have settled in very nicely after having moved from the Philly burbs to Ocean City NJ
a few years ago, but one thing we do miss is a good, old fashioned Jewish deli. A place where you can get hand cut, SALTY lox, whitefish salad, chopped herring and freshly sliced rye bread, knishes and bagels.
Anyone know of a place not too far from Ocean City?

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  1. I'm just throwing this out to you since I've never visited this establishment, but there is a deli in Somers Point that might be what you're looking for....or maybe not. It's called Fitzpatrick's Jewish Deli (yes, that's Fitzpatrick's!) at 501 New Road (which is Route 9). If you go, please report back on it.

    1. You might try Fitzpatrick's in Somers Point.

      1. Try Downbeach Deli in Margate...I suspect they have everything you are looking for.

        1. Thanks for the tips guys. I finally got around to visiting these places. Fitzpatrick's is just a dinning room with one very small deli case. We didn't have anything there, but I friend tells me he has eaten there and the food is "pretty good".
          We took a trip across the bridge to Margate and found the Downbeach Deli. As jp32 said, they had everything we were looking for in takeout, plus a large dinning room. Got some assorted bagels, whitefish salad and some regular (not nova) lox to go with some cream cheese. We will go back to try the sandwiches soon.