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Jun 19, 2008 01:32 PM

Good Eats in the Hyannis Area?

Planning a trip to Cape Cod for the week after July 4th. We are staying in Hyannis and looking for some good places to eat. We are trying to avoid the typical tourist traps and maybe find a hidden gem or two. For dinner, maybe a nice seafood or Italian place. Also, any local casual or take-out thats worth noting. I am a big brunch fan, so any suggestions as who makes a good pancakes or omlettes would be much appreciated.

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  1. I've had a few good meals at the RooBar on Main St. They charge Boston prices which I'm not a fan of but the food was good. It can get a little rowdy later in the evening so keep that in mind (maybe you like that, maybe you don't).

    For fried clams I like the Kreme n' Kone in Dennisport. Nothing fancy there but when I need a rainy day outing I like to go there.

    For fudge I really like Ye Olde Fudge Shoppe (I think that's what its called) on Main Street Hyannis. Love the penuche!

    British Beer Works also on Main decent enough pub food. Its very casual and a good place to grab a beer and burger (or cornish pastie).

    For brunch my favorite place is Jack's Out back on Rt 6A in Yarmouthport. Its had to see from the road but its near Inaho japanese restaurant (which I haven't tried). They have your standard fare but there are also plenty of more interesting choices on the menu (variations on Eggs Benny, whole wheat pancakes, popovers).

    1. I can attest to the awesome sushi at Inaho for which Hey refers to and it's an easy 15 min from Hyannis on the Bay side. I love Naked Oyster for good wine and their raw seafood tower. Jack's, well Rachel Ray went there..IMHO it's odd and fun but the food, eh. Roo Bar is best known for drinks. Good to know the food is great. We had lunch at BBC in the winter and honestly it was abysmal. Hey must have hit it good. Perhaps better for drinks spot for a pub lover. Now to get to my must do's in Hyannis, my BFF loves Embargo. If Raw Bar is open at Ocean St. GO for the biggest best lobster rolls. Near BBC is Common Ground. Run by a religious group it is the coolest funkiest spot for a rainy day lunch or breakfast. Very cozy little booths and they sell organic bath and body treats upstairs. Ice Cream lovers flock to 4 C's for VERY rich homemade ice cream in nearby Centerville.

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        One more..20 min by car off 6 A in Dennis is Sesuit Cafe. On the water, decent food and FABULOUS views. I recommend a ride from exit 6 along 6 A/Old Kings Highway stopping at Smugglers in Dennis for ice cream, going to the Natural History Museum in Brewster and a stop at Luke' Liquor for some Big Fire Pinot gris to have a low tide BACK at Bass Hole in Yarmouth Port. So go East and then back West ending sunset in Yarmouthport. Late lunch would be at Sesuit...

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          Do what she says!.....very nice recs. Only addition I'd make on that itinerary would be to take my time down 6A stopping at Barnstable harbor, back on 6A I'd take a left onto Keveney Ln (a few miles after Barnstable Village) to Thatcher Shore Road and wind my way back up to 6A and go from there. Classic Cape Cod with a very scenic view along the ride.

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            I meant to say, go to Bass Hole (off Center St. in Y'Port) for sunset. AMAZING views but bring bug spray as at sunset the mossies come out for dinner.

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            Agreed about Sesuit Harbor. We always take out of town guests there. Thanks for the tip on Common Ground. It is the rainy day when I find myself in Hyannis center.

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              Two good choices in Hyannis when you want a change of pace are Yings for Thai/Japanese...they put out reasonably priced bento boxes at lunch, and the Brazilian Grille for a meat fest with a terrific buffet of side dishes for lunch or dinner.

        2. Although it is kind of a tourist trap, I would recommend a stop for breakfast at the Egg & I in Hyannis (didn't like the one in Dennis). I haven't been in years, but they had a grilled lime muffin that was memorable. Good overall breakfast joint.